RO units

If an RO unit gets too old it can taste bad and it may not be healthy.

If an RO unit is fresh – the water will be delicious and it will not flood your home.

SW unit

If a water softener unit gets too old it will not perform its intended purpose (hard water) and it can flood into your home ‘the cation resin media can evacuate into your plumbing – stopping the water flowing through your home’.

If a water softener is fresh – it will heal your skin (1) and save your appliances (2) and save tremendous chemicals.  It will fundamentally improve your life in many areas.



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As a banana ripens – they can be utilized to make nut bread.

I work with a man named Dan who loves the bananas as they ripen.  I like mine a little green.

We like our RO units and water softeners 5 years new (at least). 

If an RO unit reaches past the five-year mark; here are some events that can occur:

A leak can occur that causes black mold and you may have to tear down your house.  This is the worst story we have heard.

As the RO storage tank gets old – is it possible to get all the bacteria out?

If a water softener unit reaches past the five-year mark; here are some events that can occur:

You will not receive soft water

The cation resin material can begin to break down and enter your home causing many plumbing problems.  We have heard many stories of plumbing expense of $10,000.  We place resin screens between our water softener units and carbon filters so this will not occur.  

What are the solutions to these challenges?


We recently (more than) doubled our rental water softener system preparation area. 

This is the old section.

I was very impressed with the precision design and plumbing craftsmanship of this project.  Tom, you did a great job.  Sabastian also did a wonderful job.  It was Dan’s idea.  Exceptional preparation and execution.  Troy coordinated these great efforts and made it happen.

This is the new with the old infrastructure.

Our valley is now 7 million people.  They say our valley will double in 15 years.  Each day we are preparing ourselves for this growth.   We are ready.

Our founder Brian Boyett (standing on the right) religiously preserved our core ideology – changed it seldom.  The core values he instilled in our organization formed our rock–solid foundation and did not drift with trends and fashion of the day.  These core values remain intact today.  The base purpose of our company – our reason for serving as a beacon – is like our North Star.  While preserving the core ideologies we have a powerful drive for progress that enables us to change and adapt without compromising our core ideals.  The picture above is our founder (on the right) and his brother.  They both desired greatness and they pursued every day to make themselves better.  From a dryland farm in Texas, my father graduated from Texas Tech University in Lubbock and became a successful entrepreneur.  My Uncle graduated from the same university and had an illustrious career at Texas Instrument in the engineering field.  I am inspired by their stories and I seek to emulate them.

We continue to keep our founder’s principles alive by promising you the lowest prices and the best and most efficient service in the world.  Our desire is to be the worlds best firm to rent water softeners, rent reverse osmosis units and rent whole house carbon water treatment units and to rent hot water recirculating pumps.

Here are our most popular products to treat your water and to save water:

May I please share with you the obituary (February 1965) of a man with whom I never met, but I am proud.  My grandfather’s name is Wilford Hayden. 

He was the son of a pioneer Scottsdale family.

He lived on the family farm in Scottsdale where he was born.  Nearby Hayden Road was named for them.

Wilford Hayden was on the board of governors and the council of the Salt River Valley Water Users Association (The Salt River Project). 

I especially enjoyed hearing that he served to give us better water. 

He was a member on the board of trustees of Kiwanis and the Boys Club.  He helped organize the Scottsdale semipro baseball team in 1954.

I enjoyed hearing the story that Wilford Hayden was a good baseball pitcher, but chose farming over professional baseball because he earned more money.


We have been informed of this information: It is not a bad idea to drink at least one gallon of water each day in Arizona.  We believe in measuring the water we drink each day.  This is the type of water we recommend you drink +Mg+pH+h2o+ro.  We make this water here:

7 scientific – backed benefits of drinking water – how much should you drink?

7 science-backed benefits of drinking water — and how much water you should drink each day?

If you stay hydrated – you will regulate your body temperature and prevent heat strokes.

Here are some benefits of drinking water:

Your appearance will be better, your joint pain will be less and you will get skinny (maybe).

Helps you to be smarter (no dementia); helps you to remember where you left your phone and helps you to focus.

Makes you want to exercise.

Every major function in every system is improved – including providing padding for your joints.


If you drink water – you can lose more weight

If you drink water 30 minutes before meals you can shed pounds.  It makes you feel fuller and you won’t eat more (less is more).

By drinking water – you can lose weight because you can recover faster from exercise and it boosts your metabolism.

2. Drinking water will cushion your joints 

Water will keep your joints lubricated and cushioned.   If you don’t drink enough water you may have joint pain (not enough water = friction, more inflammation ‘especially for people with arthritis’).  If you drink more water; your joint pain will be less.  

 Based on a study in 2012: if you drink 18 ounces of water with higher amounts of hydrogen gas dissolved into it for weeks; your joint pain will be significantly less.

3. Boosts skin health 

If you drink enough water your skin will stay lubricated and supple.

Skin with good elasticity returns to its normal position sooner than dehydrated skin.  If your skin cells lose water (they shrivel and become less elastic); this will cause you wrinkles.

In a 2015 study of women: increased water consumption will help keep your skin hydrated and give it better appearance (along with a great diet).

4. Gives you great body temperature

Water is very important to regulating body temperature.   When we sweat; this primarily helps your body cool.  If you don’t drink enough water you can’t sweat.

Heatstroke is exasperated by dehydration.

5. Makes you a better athlete  

A super athlete can lose up to 6-10% of your body weight while working out.   If you don’t drink water you will be a bad athlete (by 2%  – decreased muscle endurance and strength).

6.  Helps you poop

Flushes out waste through urine and your pooper.

 If you can’t poop; you should drink +Mg+pH+h2o+ro water.   This may help you poop.

7. Makes you smarter.

Electrical signals cross nerves better.   If you don’t drink enough water your body’s cells can’t get the messages.

Some other mind-altering dysfunction that can occur are these:

You are tired

You can’t focus

You can’t remember

You get confused

Your mood is bad

You have many headaches

We have heard that most headaches can be resolved because people are dehydrated.


Ho much water should you drink in Arizona each day?

1 gallon for males; 0.713 gallons for females.

A word of caution:

We don’t want you to drink too much water.  It is best to listen to your body.

Our company founder got off to a slow start, but he was destined to win the long race.  He concentrated on architecting an enduring institution.  He sought to be a clock builder – not a time teller.  Our founder was guided by a core ideology – core values and a great sense of purpose; more important than pursuing profits.  Our founder deeply believed in our ideology – and he consistently lived this – he breathed it and expressed this in all he did.  He asked of us: What do we value deep down to our toes.   He loved his siblings and his family.   The picture above shows our founder with his sister and brother (Brian Boyett is in the middle).

Will +Mg+pH+ro+h2o cure my cancer? …..Help our body; we don’t want you to get CANCER!!

What if – by changing the water you drink you can be healthier?

What if – by drinking water you can have less headaches?

What if – by drinking water ‘that has natural minerals added’ you will be more hydrated?

What if- by drinking +Mg+pH+h2o+ro you will live longer; be happier and be more productive and have a more fulfilling life?  I am all in.  Let’s do it.

How can I enroll?

Just read this:

Email : and say; I want to enroll.

Text me: 602.291.4157 – “I’m all about healthy”.

It is very easy to begin: be healthier; be happier and be more productive.

When we feel good; we will work better and be a better man or woman.

I am very fascinated with this notion:  change a process or design and establish a spectacular new destiny.


The first pillar of our founder was to establish a company and build a rental water treatment concept that will sustain far beyond his presence – live through multiple product life cycles.  Our founder’s greatest creation was the company itself and that in which we stand.  He lived his life and ran our company like he was one of fortunes children. My father said he lived a storied life. I am honored that I walk in my father’s footsteps as I serve you with our finest rental water treatment products.

One of my hobbies is fiddling around:

I am a cofounder in a musical movement called Fast Track musical instrument and voice utilization program.

Our main purpose is to find people who want to learn; develop a sustainable approach – and encourage all musicians and singers to share their talents regularly.

Some people carry a dream around with them to play a musical instrument.  We look for these people and help them to take action.  No matter what instrument: we will provide the instrument and seek out a qualified person to provide the lessons (we provide the instrument and sponsor two lessons).  We also look for people who want to sing.  We will find a qualified person to help you learn to sing a song.  Our feeling about singing is this:  If Willie Nelson can become famous with his songs – so can you.

I am fortunate to help some gifted fiddlers to learn Jerusalem Ridge (picture above).  The epitome of our approach is to find young people; connect them with musical instruments and training.  Our reward is to have a positive impact on these lives and a bonus is: we have an influential part in their musical adventures.  A person who takes the courage ‘is ardently committed’  – and practices the principle of unselfishness (this will change their life and the people around them).  I have seen this occur most of my life (I began my musical journey when I was 9 years old ‘with my mentor and icon Dr. Peter Rolland’; I am now 53 years old and I am very actively pursuing this approach).

This is a recent Google review we received:

We have been with Boyett for over 9 years and installed a soft water rental and never been so happy with it!!  A family owned business with excellent service and we would highly recommend them to anyone!  When we need our yearly service I speak with Hayden and he is so friendly and they have the best customer service. The service techs are amazing and so friendly. We give them a 5 star!

Happy Customer

Steve & Barbara Kowalski

We feel we are the best in these areas:

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Cation resin in the lines is a big problem (the cation resin is the main cleaning material for the water softener).  When the water softeners are over 5 years old the internal components disintegrate and will evacuate into the home.  This can be very tumultuous and costly.  We can help you fix this very serious problem.  When the cation resin material flushes into your home; sometimes it takes hours and hours to clean this out of your plumbing.  In many cases this resin material will stop the flow of water to water fixtures.  In many cases these plumbing fixtures (faucets and shower heads) must be replaced.  Here is how we have solved this problem.  This never happens with our units.   1


Here is a link in which we explicate the inner workings of our water softeners and discuss the cation resin (the main ingredient of the water softener)

We sanitize reverse osmosis tanks.  This process requires two hours to properly sanitize the RO tanks.  Most people rent the RO units from us.  We spend all day preparing these units and making sure the reverse osmosis tanks get properly sanitized. 


 Here is a web page address in which we ask and answer questions about reverse osmosis units and discuss the evolution of this process:

Thank you for reading my blog.  I’d love to hear your feedback at or text 602.291.4157