New RO Development

+Mg+pH+H2O+RO 1:1.2 ratio RO

Is this product available to rent?  Yes
Cost:   $36.00/mo plus tax.

If you need a higher capacity membrane these are available for a higher monthly fee


  • Installation fee $150.00
  • Extra charge for drilling and ice lines
  • No charge annual service, the entire unit is replaced
  • No contract

+Mg+pH+H2O+RO 1:1.2 ratio RO

This means more efficiency ‘less water waste’ more healthy and more delicious drinking water.


This higher pH reverse osmosis efficiency model is designed around the Pentair GRO-36EN high-efficiency reverse osmosis membrane (water treatment equipment Phx, AZ). Our regional representative from Pentair stopped by the other day and told us about this new design (water filtration equipment Phx, AZ).  We have tested this GRO-36EN high-efficiency reverse osmosis membrane at our laboratory and are now utilizing this purification process (reverse osmosis service Phoenix, Az).

Boyett’s Family Water Treatment has developed a new RO unit that will save water.

Based upon calculations and testing performed at our facility (38 East 5th Avenue, Mesa Arizona 85210)  – this RO reduces the RO unit consumption by 85%.


  • Raises the PH level to between 8-8.5 PH (we utilize a material called calcite to perform this improvement)
  • We can now add magnesium to the water (utilizing a material called cor-sex to perform this improvement).  This new feature is available on request.
  • Water usage ratio is 1:1.2.  Traditional RO units will consume as much as 3 – 11 gallons to every gallon purified.  This (New RO Development, +H2O+PH+RO, CAS ‘we are still working on the name’) will consume only 1.2 gallons to every gallon purified.

Purchasing a +Mg Water Savings Alkalinity RO Vs Renting


Mg Alkalinity Water Saving Reverse Osmosis Brochure


+Magnesium Alkalinity, Water saving membrane Reverse Osmosis Unit

In laboratory tests we have performed using Legend Technical Services, Inc. ( ‘this is a water testing laboratory’ – we have determined that our Magnesium alkalinity water saving membrane reverse osmosis unit raises the pH of drinking water’ (between 8 to 8.5 pH ‘we can raise this level higher upon request’) and adds calcium and magnesium to the water.

Based upon Troy Phillips water tests sent to Legend Technical Services Laboratory ‘calculations’ – if our clients drink 60 ounces of our alkalinity reverse osmosis water a day – this may equal 10% of their daily recommended calcium intake.


Fun fact

Hundreds of studies have concluded that having an acidic body can directly be responsible for thousands of serious diseases. The list of these tragic ailments goes on forever, including serious afflictions such as kidney disease, metabolic acidosis, and many types of cancer.

So it only makes sense that a non-toxic compound with an extremely high pH has been used by natural healers and doctors alike, in conjunction with modern medicine, to prevent, treat, and sometimes REVERSE the tragic effects we experience in our toxic, acidic environments (I’m actually talking about our bodies.)