Sanitized Coolers and Water for your Office


Do other water treatment and bottled water companies change out their coolers ‘religiously and faithfully’ every year?

We do.

This is the capstone which we will build all of our future commercial drinking water offerings.

We promise and maintain that we will change out your water cooler/ under the sink chiller/ bottle water cooler every year without fail – or we will give you your money back.

Here is our notification process for us to take action to change out your equipment:
1.We send you an e mail (month one)
2.We send you a post card (month two)
3.We call and leave a message ‘on every phone number we have for you’ (month three)
4.We send one of our technicians by your house to leave you a note ‘on your front door’ (month four)
5.We keep careful and meticulous documentation of all of our service and actions.

If you or your water company does not change your water cooler (if you ‘or your water treatment company’ does not take action and get this equipment sanitized every year); this can happen:

This is a picture of the inside of a water cooler. We sent a sample to Legends Laboratory and it tested positive for E-coli and coliform bacteria. If the coolers are not sanitized each year – this environment will become unhealthy.

What is the main point of this discussion?

The area in the cooler which holds and chills the water is a chlorine-free environment. If this environment is not sanitized every year – bacteria can occur. This is a really bad thing.

With E-Coli, coliform, bacteria, and now Ebola as a health concern; it is important to have a water treatment company that will change their coolers annually. All rental customers of Boyett’s Family Rayne Water Conditioning will have their water cooler, chiller, and bottled water cooler changed annually.

Before delivery sanitation process

The material we utilize to sanitize your water equipment is an industry accepted standard and very efficient sanitary material called Sani System Liquid Sanitizer Concentrate:
1. Remove Cover with a drill (2 screws)
2. Remove tank cover and lines
3.Drain Cooler
4.Mix Sani System
5. Pour Sani-System in cooler and let it sit for 60 seconds at a minimum
6. Drain Sani System
7. Fill Cooler and Drain Cooler
8. Fill the cooler again
9. Test the hot and cold capabilities
10. Drain the cooler
11. Clean the tank cover
12. Place the tank cover and lines back on the cooler
13. Place the cover on the cooler drill the two screws on the back of the cooler
14. Use cleaner to clean the outside of the cooler
15. Clean tray and grate
16. Wipe down the cooler and cover in plastic bag. We transport all of our coolers in a box.

Fun fact

E. coli is the name of a type of bacteria that lives in your intestines and in the intestines of animals. The worst type of E. coli, known as E. coli O157:H7, causes bloody diarrhea and can sometimes cause kidney failure and even death. Although most types of E. coli are harmless, some types can make you sick.[1]