Reverse Osmosis

For healthier Cleaner Drinking Water

Classic Reverse Osmosis Unit

We offer the reverse osmosis drinking water (water purification; purified drinking water) system for .99 cents a day with no contract. Just month to month rental. All filter changes and maintenance are included in the monthly fee. Boyett’s Family Water Treatment will send you a notice every 12 months to have us service the system. When you receive the postcard in the mail; just pick up the phone and we will schedule a convenient appointment to switch the unit out.

We will bring a fresh unit and switch this out every year. This includes the storage tank. Our systems include a Leak Controller Device which will shut off the water supply if any leaks occur. It also makes an audible alarm sound. If you ever have any trouble; there is never a charge. You can have us come out as much as you want and you will never have to pay for additional service. We want to make sure the equipment is properly meeting your needs.

Renting the reverse osmosis unit will save time and money for you with peace of mind that the quality of water you are drinking is of high purity. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction and A+ water the entire time you rent the RO unit. If you are not satisfied, at any time, there is no disconnection fee. There is no contract.

If you are a business or commercial entity, there are many advantages to renting your high purity water equipment. We take care of all the maintenance, this is included in the monthly fee. You will never have to lift a finger with the water equipment. If you have any trouble with the equipment; lift up the phone and we will come running. The monthly fee for commercial equipment may be higher than residential reverse osmosis equipment.

Our friendly and experienced staff strives to give the best service in the valley. We offer free estimates and water tests at your home or place of business.

Download our Info Sheet on either the Classic RO or the Alkalinity RO

Alkalinity Reverse Osmosis Unit

In laboratory tests we have performed using Legend Technical Services, Inc. ( ‘this is a water testing laboratory’ – we have determined that our alkalinity reverse osmosis unit raises the pH of drinking water’ (between 8 to 8.5 pH) and adds calcium to the water.

Based upon Troy Phillips’ calculations – if our clients drink 60 ounces of our alkalinity reverse osmosis water a day – this may equal 10% of their daily recommended calcium intake.

Fun fact

Hundreds of studies have concluded that having an acidic body can directly be responsible for thousands of serious diseases. The list of these tragic ailments goes on forever, including serious afflictions such as kidney disease, metabolic acidosis, and many types of cancer.

So it only makes sense that a non-toxic compound with an extremely high pH has been used by natural healers and doctors alike, in conjunction with modern medicine, to prevent, treat, and sometimes REVERSE the tragic effects we experience in our toxic, acidic environments (I’m actually talking about our bodies.)