Water Softener Parts & Service

We service just about all brands of water softeners.

New and Recycled Parts

We wish to carry the most common parts (with an emphasis on recycled parts) for these units and provide service to these units. If we don’t have the parts – we will research and procure them for you. If we can’t fix your unit – we will suggest alternative options to economically provide you with soft water. We are upfront business people and water treatment professionals and our three operating tenants are

  1.  To raise the standard of our water treatment industry
  2.  To aggrandize our client relationships
  3. To develop a sustainable approach to water treatment that will benefit our client’s budgets and positively impact higher quality results for water treatment in our region.

Our approach is to earn your trust by adding the highest value to your existing water treatment equipment.

Servicing and Parts

Currently, we have a large selection of parts on hand for a verity of water softeners. Here is a list of some of the water softeners we service. If you don’t see your particular unit listed or have a part number please call.

(480) 969-7251


Clack Water Softener Kenmore 7116713
Kinetico Water Softener Sears
Erie water softener Kenmore Ultra Soft 400
Fleck 5600 (Econominder) Kenmore Ultra Soft 180
Fleck 5000SE Krystal Pure Autotrol
ProFlose Culligan
GE Autotrol (Aqua Pure) Water Boss
Logix 268/760 Whirlpool WHES40
NWS Series Whirlpool WHES44
Aqua-Pure NWS 100 Whirlpool WHESCS
Fleck 7000 Whirlpool Central
GE Smart Water

Service and Repair

Here is a step by step gallery of just how we service, rebuild and repair your equipment.

Operating and Service Manuals

All manuals are in PDF form. If you require a PDF reader you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader at adobe.com


Kinetico Premier Series download
Kinetico Water Softener download
EcoWater Systems 3500 & 3502 download
EcoWater Systems
ESD 2502R30, ESD 2502R39
ESD 518
Kinetico Signature Series download
1265 Bypass Valve Pentair bypass valve for a 3M aqua pure water softener download
Clack WS 1 water softener valve download
Krystal Klear Water Filtration System Electronic DeScaler download
Krystal Pure KS10 DS15HE DS64HE download
Model 5600 & 5600 Econominder download
Model Fleck 6700 water softener download
ProFlose Downflow water softener (5000SE) Service Assemblies download
ProFlose Downflow water softener By-Pass Valve Assembly  plastic parts download
ProFlose Downflow water softener Service and troubleshooting guide download
ProFlose Downflow water softener By-Pass Valve Assembly, Brass parts list download
ProFlose (5000SE FLECK) WATER SOFTENER 2310 Safety Brine Valve Parts download
ProFlose 5000SE FLECK) WATER SOFTENER Parts list for ¾” turbine meter assembly download
ProFlose Downflow 5000SE valve Power Head Assem. download
ProFlose Downflow brining service manual water softener Fleck 5000SE download
ProFlose Downflow water softener Control Valve Assembly download
Rayne 5066 Water Softener download
Rayne Model 9000 water softener download
Rayne Smart Twin Tank Water Softener download
Rayne Versa Service Manual download
Whirlpool Central Model WHELJ1 download
Whirlpool WHES40 WHES44 WHESCS download
ET42H ET50H ET64H download
5600SXT Service Manual download
7000SXT Service Manual 42775 download
Green Systems download
Service Manual download


Our technician arrives at your home.

This is Brett; he has worked in our firm for many years.


We explain to our customers in great detail the work in which we will be performing at their home. This is Brett explaining to Suzanne the work he will perform on her water softener. Brett will be removing the water softener from her home and bringing her unit to our factory for a complete rebuild. Brett explains to Suzanne the next step he will perform is to turn off the water to her home, but before turning off the water he will check the water pressure in her home.


Brett is checking the water pressure in Suzanne’s home. We always inform our clients to keep their water pressure regulated to 70 PSI or less.


Brett turning off the water to Suzanne’s home.


Brett removes the water softener from Suzanne’s home to bring back to our office for a complete rebuild.


We also bring the brine tank into our office to clean and sanitize it.


This is Troy and Sabatian emptying the cation resin into our work area.


This is how this area looks when it is completely clean. This is Sabastian caught in the act of repainting.


This is Troy Phillips (our service manager) inspecting the cation resin. We have made this a scientific experiment since February 18, 2010.


Because the water treatment plants add so much chlorine to the water; the cation resin is lasting only 5 years in the Phoenix metro area. In order to sustain great soft water; some action must be taken to change the resin every five years. Our onus is to become valley leaders ‘keeping the cation resin sustainable’ in your water softener.


This is Fancisco adding 8% cross linked resin into the customers resin tank. We purchase the best components to add to your water softener.


Francisco removes all the o rings, inductors, injectors, seals, piston and motor and he puts new components into your water softener valve. We call this rebuilding your water softener valve. There are as many as 20 different sized o rings in each valve. All of these components are exposed to the chlorine. The chlorine disintegrates these component parts.


When this water softener rebuilding process is complete, and the unit passes our quality standards, we return the water softener to the customers home.


The rebuilt softener arrives back at the customers home.


The technician reconnects the unit.


When we return the water softener we always deliver two bags of salt.


Brett is explaining to Suzanne the service we performed on her rebuilt water softener and her responsibilities to maintain this equipment in the future.

We can rebuild your water softener. Please call our office for details (480) 969-7251 or e-mail me hayden@azh2o.com. If you would like parts and information to perform this rebuilding process – we are glad to help.