Commercial Reverse Osmosis

How much does it cost to purchase a commercial reverse osmosis unit?
$900 – $10,000 +. The cost depends on several factors:

  1. How much water is needed each day?
  2. What are the characteristics of the raw water?
  3. Where will the equipment be located?


How much does it cost to rent a commercial reverse osmosis unit?
$50/month – $500/month.

Why should I rent vs. buying a commercial reverse osmosis unit?

The rental rates we establish will save you thousands of dollars over our working relationship. We fully maintain this equipment and exchange the unit/ filters and membranes on an annual basis (we can exchange the filters sooner if necessary).

Boyett’s Family Water Treatment provides high purity water to commercial clients.

We have recently installed this unit on a commercial building to supply the drinking water for 1,000 people.
We have also recently installed a commercial RO unit for a company who details cars.

The commercial RO unit requires pre-treatment.
We are happy to stop by and perform a pre-plumbing inspection and give you an estimate.

This is our SlimLine 200-gallon per day commercial reverse osmosis unit.
Download our info sheet.

SlimLine RO Spec Sheet

In all cases, a reverse osmosis storage tank will be necessary to store the water.  Here is an example of a 200-gallon storage tank.