Whole Home Alkalinity Water

Reverse Osmosis pH 8 - 8.5

After adding an 8×44 calcite filter tank to my whole house RO unit to make the water 8-8.5 pH. We are now prepared to provide reverse osmosis alkalinity water (8-8.5 pH) throughout the entire house.

This is the work of Tom and Troy at my house (to install the Ebola round up – whole house reverse osmosis unit) – the day before yesterday they performed this work. Wow, there is much effort and introspection that is happening to develop this rental product and service.  I sent this picture to one of my associates – and she replied, “Wow, that thing needs its own address and zip code”. I replied: Lol.   It is true – to have ‘the best water in Arizona will require a space investment’; concerning this product: we must give up to gain. Tom and Troy are returning today. I am looking forward to bathing and using complete RO treated water throughout my house – for all my household activities. By developing this product; we feel our company will raise the standard of our industry to provide the highest quality water ‘as a standard feature’ to all Arizona residents. We don’t know of any water treatment entity who is investing and developing their company to reach this level of water treatment acumen (developing a whole house RO unit that is affordable, convenient and feasible for the common man). Full speed ahead.

Ok, here is a play by play: there is still electrical work needed at my house (I have sent an email to our favorite electrical company ‘Egan Electric (480) 855-9375 – a great company’ to take action).  A four receptacle electrical outlet is needed near the water treatment equipment.  If there is a loop present; it may require the work of two men – all day to perform the installation of a dynamic dual water softener and carbon filter and the Ebola round up – whole house reverse osmosis water treatment rental equipment.  If the loop is present the installation fee may be $1,000.00 – and right now we are thinking the monthly fee may be $200.00/month ‘no contract’.  Our company will provide all the service.  This is the purpose of our web technique –  to get our information out quickly as we develop new products and services that will benefit our customers.

11.04.14 12 midnight; we will continuously look for design and process improvements to drive down these prices.  However, for now; this is what we got.

There is more; because of the investment of water (RO units waste a lot of water) – we are approaching this product as a social movement.  We will reveal a plan to save 30% on the total water used in your home and we will also present options and ideas to save $200.00 in your monthly budget.  Stay tuned for more information.

This is a picture of the working components for this process.  We will be about identifying each component of this process so you will be fully informed.  Stay tuned.

This whole house reverse osmosis process begins with our Dynamic duel (whole house carbon filter and water softener) product.

Next is the 4″x21″ Nano Membrane 1000 gallons per day reverse osmosis membrane (this is enclosed in a stainless steel sleeve).

Also included within this process is a 15 gallon per minute ultraviolet light (enclosed in a stainless steel sleeve).

Fun fact

“Every single person who has cancer has a pH that is too acidic” according to Dr. Otto Warburg. Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that cancer can’t survive in an alkaline, oxygen-rich environment but thrives in an acidic, low oxygen environment.