Customer Testimonials

We prize our customers and apparently they appreciate us too.

Customer Comments and Testimonials

Thank you everyone for leaving such wonderful comments and testimonals on Yelp, Google and all the various social media platforms. Here is a very small sample of just a few of those comments, if we put them all here it would actually crash the site with the sheer amount of them. We feel the love and appreaciate all of you.

In 1970 one of your Route Technicians stopped and helped me when I was involved in a car accident. Your driver stopped and offered help. This is why I chose your company. I have always been so happy with your company. When my Kenmore water softener finally broke you are the first company I called.
Opal B

Acct # 63339, Customer since 1970

I have enjoyed Boyett’s Family Water Treatment Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis service for over 30 years. We install Rayne products on every home we build. All of our customers have been very satisfied with Boyett’s Family Water Treatment Soft Water and Reverse Osmosis systems. They have very skilled technicians whom take pride in their work. Their prices are very fair. They have had the same phone number for over 45 years. They give service after the sale.
Pat N

Acct # 37465, Naspek Home Builders, Customer since 1965

I’m so happy that I found you online. I am a new customer. I have been very impressed with the initial contact, the new installation and the quality of your equipment and service. You have a great staff. Keep up the good work. I look forward to recommending you to all my friends and family.
Angela F

Acct # 178574, Customer since April, 2009

It’s been a great 25 years. Everybody that has come to the house over the last 25 years has been really nice. I have bought both the water softener and reverse osmosis units from you. There has been some mechanical issues with the units, but you have made it right and taken care of the problem.

Acct # 72926, Customer for 25 years

Brett did a great job at my house.
Abdul D

Acct # 123547, Customer since 2004

I left but I came back. I signed up for the soft water delivery service in 1972 when Brian Boyett was first knocking on doors in our area. Brian Boyett did not live very far from my house in Tempe. After many different water softeners (including Sears Kenmore brand™ water softeners) I have decided the rental soft water delivery program will be the most economical and dependable for me at this juncture. I’m glad you are still in business.

Acct # 179622, Return Customer 37 years

I have been so happy with your company. I could never find a bad word to say about anything you do. You have done well. All of your technicians and representatives are so helpful and friendly. I recommend you to all my neighbors.
Gene M.

Acct # 155945, Customer since November, 2006