Dynamic Duel

Whole House Carbon Filtration Softener System


$50.00/month plus tax.
$225.00 one time connection fee (on a loop)
What if I do not have a loop?
A: the installation fee may be more based on time and materials.

No contract.


There is absolutely no contract or obligation for any length of time. There has never been for over 48 years ‘on any of our rental products’ there never will be.

Shooting down the limitations of the traditional water softener!

Introducing the Dynamic Duel Whole House Carbon Filtration Softener System. Carbon filtration is the oldest and most reliable water filtration method. The use of carbon for water filtration dates back to ancient Egypt.

Chemicals and waterborne contaminants bond to the carbon at a molecular level, simply by passing over the carbon. This eliminates chlorine, all VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and odors. Traditional water softeners only remove a portion of chlorine.

Chlorine is Harmful in Many Ways
Tap water is chlorinated.

When chlorinated water is heated, such as for a bath or shower, chlorine gas is released into the air. Every time you take a hot bath or shower without a carbon filter, you breathe in some amount of chlorine gas.

No Costly Up Front Investments.

We replace the carbon filter and water softener every 5 years with our rental program. All service required, other than regular salt addition, is included in the rental fee.

Fun Fact

Some studies correlate domestic hard water usage with increased eczema in children.[15][16][17]

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