Day zero is a term used for the day that a community; a people run out of drinking water – all taps connected to homes and businesses are shut off (when the water will be switched off for millions of people and the remaining water in the city’s supply will be used only for critical services such as hospitals).  When there is no longer any surface water available.  The consequences of reaching day zero are far-reaching: residents will have to stand in line to collect 25 liters of water per person a day (or less).  The water will be sourced from the remaining supplies that are left in the dams.  There will be fist fights and wars fought over water (there have been recent wars fought over water).

Is there a community in Arizona that has reached day zero? Yes.  Will there be more communities in the Phoenix metro of AZ that reach day zero?  It is up to me.  I take full responsibility.  I will take a stand right now and stop this.

These are some of the products Boyett’s family water is using to reverse this negative trend towards day zero:

Fluoride Filter + Granular Activated Filter – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

Whole house water filter to make the water better (uses no drain and no electricity)

Whole House Carbon Filtration – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

Whole house water filter to make the water better ‘and remove a dangerous chemical’ (uses no drain and no electricity)

New RO Development – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

The most advanced reverse osmosis unit; saves 85% on water

Reverse Osmosis – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

Our classic RO unit (slightly acidic) program now includes the water-saving membrane (saves 85% on water)


Boyett’s family water heater technology can save you as much as 26,000 gallons each year.

My promise to you is this: we will always search for the most advanced water technology to save you water, money and time.

By applying these operating strategies, we will have enough water to live another day and be healthy and wise.

Boyett’s family water treatment has a long history of keeping your water hot (when you need it fast and efficient ‘to save much water).  If you rent our hot water recirculating ($25/month; $100 installation fee) you may save 26,000 gallons of water each year.  We exchange the important components every 5 years.  By renting this device you save $3,000 over a ten-year period and your hot water will be there fast.

hot water re-circulation – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

I ask for your help to raise this message up the tallest flag pole.  Let’s begin this discussion amongst ourselves and let’s have this continue (so your community does not reach day zero).  If it is going to be – it is up to me and you.

Here is the simple message (let us talk about):

We the people must lower the environmental regulations to place water purification plants along our coast (the need for many of these water treatment plants will be soon); take the sea water and turn this water into drinking water.  Let’s follow the highways to run the pipes to the places that need this water.  Let us utilize our hard work tax dollars to make this investment and not go thirsty.   Let’s pretend day zero for your community will be one year from now.  There is time, but maybe not too much.


I have copied substance and pictures and ideas and words and content from these sources to prepare this information.  I give these sources all the credit.  I am humbled and very grateful to you for all your hard work and for allowing me to share this information.  In this blog, in my past blogs, and in all my future blogs I give all the credit to my sources.  I will take no credit.

Day Zero: A Citywide Water Apocalypse (

War over Water (Jordan river) – Wikipedia

What You Need to Know About the World’s Water Wars (

Dead Bodies Found At The Bottom Of Lake Mead Az – Bing News

Water woes: Rio Verde Foothills residents worried as Scottsdale gets ready to cut off their water access (

Here is a coastal water treatment process we can follow (in an article I copied):

How Israel used innovation to beat its water crisis

Israel is a desert, and water resources are scarce, but today it produces 20% more water than it needs. What can the world learn from Israel’s experience?

By Max Kaplan-Zantopp 

This article reveals how Israel now has 20% more drinking water and utility water than they need; they were going to run out of water a short time ago.

My dear readers; this is a turnaround story of epic proportion of how to thwart the moment of global warming and soften the worlds unwilling minds to scale the solutions to this lingering threat of a zero-water day here in Phoenix AZ concerning PHX AZH2O.COM.

2/3 of our world experiences water scarcity for at least one month a year.   The mighty country of Israel (I love you Israel and your wonderful people) is taking this water crisis and standing up to other water-deprived countries to help through their influential technology-sharing partners: MASHAV, KKL-JNF, EcoPeace Middle East, and the Arava Institute.  Israel, will you please call the people in charge of water in the USA to get them to listen?  I’m just asking.  I’m listening and taking action.  I invite you to read my message in my bottle to help me do this:

Let’s follow this Israel coastal water treatment model; lower our environmental regulations to place water purification plants along our coast; take the sea water and turn this water into drinking water.  Let’s follow the highways to run the pipes to the places that need this water.  Let us utilize our hard work tax dollars to make this investment and not go thirsty.  Who is in charge of spending your tax dollars?  Are your tax dollars being spent on methods to keep you alive; like providing you 20% more drinking water?

For the USA; we need to search for the biggest problem: the uneven distribution of freshwater throughout the USA (Zionist thinker Theodor Herzl recognized this in his 1902 book Altneuland with a “fantasy plan” to transport water great distances).

Your tax dollars will begin to construct your USA National Water Carrier ‘pipelines from the coastal water treatment plants to your hometown to prevent the day of zero water for your drinking.

 80% of your USA National Water Carrier tax dollars will be allocated to our agriculture. 

Utilizing the influence of my farming roots and my shirt tail relative (Carl Hayden) we will have a meeting with our AZ farmers and have a heartfelt talk about drip irrigation (Simcha Blass revolutionized this process).

You and I will explain to our lovely farmers to utilize only drip irrigation or perish (75% of Israel’s crops; only 5% of my farmers).

Because you and I are utilizing our tax dollars for this project we will begin to utilize the unusable (because we hate waste); municipal wastewater and stormwater (because this water can be cleaned and reused ‘less is more).  Let’s recycle wastewater more now.

Let us utilize 86% of our wastewater for our agriculture operations (following the leaders Israel and Spain).

Let’s utilize Israel’s tertiary treatment process (recycled wastewater is cleaned to near drinking-quality levels before reaching crops to avoid contamination). 

Through Israel’s tertiary treatment processes, recycled wastewater is cleaned to near drinking-quality levels before reaching crops to avoid contamination.  Let’s match Israel’s goal of 95% of wastewater for agriculture by 2025 (this will leave much more fresh drinking water for our communities).

The first part of this article spoke of the great conservation steps that Israel is utilizing to save water and conserve and reuse.  The next part of this article spoke of the technology that is being deployed to take the sea water and turn this water into useable drinking water.

My fellow Americans; we must learn to conserve and reuse what we have (especially our wastewater).  Let’s get serious about water saving and get rid of all grass lawns (use turf for a green look) and let’s get rid of all residential pools ‘this is a waste of our water resources.  Let’s ask our golfers to play on turf rather than grass. Turn off the water to the golf courses (come on golfers; step up your game and learn a new venue – play on turf; no more grass).  You can do it; show some American water pride.   At one point in my life, I turned off the irrigation system at my home in Chandler Arizona, and said; what lives – lives; what dies – dies.  All my vegetation continued to live and does today (please call me and I will share with you my address in Chandler so you can look at the google image and see: all the desert vegetation ‘and there is a lot’ survives without any irrigation water).  I challenge you to do the same.   The water savings and financial rewards to you will be enormous and the water pride you feel in your heart will sustain.  Be the person you want to be.  Become that person you desire.  Take action now.

Let’s go through a continued water cultural innovation.  Let’s continue to improve our water efficiencies, filtration and production capacities, and our water conservation portfolio with upgraded technological systems and regional agreements.  But our technology must be accompanied by controlled consumption habits; our wonderful country of the USA could risk exhausting our resources and a shortage.

Let’s launch awareness campaigns on TV, radio, and on the Internet urging the public to save water.

Let us utilize a series of cartoon television programs that teach the importance of saving water through simple means and nurture our next generations to be conscientious citizens.  We love meeting, teaching, and learning from young people.  These will be our next Boyett’s family water treatment customers; they will run our USA government and care for us.  Let us care for our young people and love them much (and especially listen to them). 

Let’s utilize our famous celebrities to speak honestly about the declining water levels and the dire need to consume water in moderation.

Let’s have our celebrities speak as their facial features begin to crack and peel.  Let’s make water scarcity personal and lead us to 20% reduction in water consumption in our urban areas.  Let us look for specific water contraptions and processes to save significant amounts of water.  We utilize a water-saving reverse osmosis membrane in our rental processes that save 85% on water waste:

New RO Development – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

Classic RO Brochure (

At Boyett’s family water treatment we are now presenting to our new customers and our existing clients (through this blog and the information contained on our water page ‘and in our many phone conversations with our existing and prospective clients – when you call us you talk to a live person 24-7; 365’ whole house treatment products that will save 100% on water waste ‘what enters our Boyett’s family filters – goes out and is completed cleaned and filtered without any water waste’). 1

Once we come to grips with water-saving and reuse (this must happen quickly); we need to lower the environmental restrictions on desalination plants along our coast.  Let’s begin a fast talk about building many plants (RO/ reverse osmosis desalinization plants) to provide drinking water for our nation.  Let’s utilize pipelines along our highways to deliver the water to the needed area.  The great country of Israel is willing to share its water treatment technology.  Let us embrace this learning and save from our existing vast resources and produce some drinking water from the oceans.  All these components must come together quickly because many of our communities will soon reach day zero.


How Israel used innovation to beat its water crisis – ISRAEL21c

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Does carbon remove the lead from the water?


Does carbon remove hardness from the water?


Carbon is one of the most abundant elements in the universe.  Too much carbon in any application is not a bad thing.  Carbon is a panacea for many pains including bad tasting – dangerous water and taking away the bad smell of flatulent and curing festering wounds (and the smell these injuries caused).

Around the circa 1500 B.C archaeologists show us the first written record of the medicinal use of charcoal and its use 1000 years later to treat the water of the people who moved around with ships: the sailors would char the inside of the water barrels so the water will be preserved for their long journeys.

Carbon removes many impurities from your water; it is the cure-all of all forms of water maladies.  I’d like to walk you through a journey to discover the spectacular nature of activated carbon filtration to solve our water problems in the Phx AZ water, Mesa AZ water, Chandler AZ water, Queen Creek AZ water, and San Tan Valley AZ water (even Cave Creek AZ water and Scottsdale AZ water).


Carbon – Wikipedia

The History of Activated Carbon and it’s Discovery (

Activated Carbon filters remove many impurities and chemicals and bad taste from our Arizona water.  Boyett’s family water treatment will be utilizing this great technology to save water and make our AZ H2O spectacular for your family and your business.   We are pursuing double granular activated whole house carbon filters for your homes and businesses that do not waste water and there is no electricity.  There is no back washing water waste; there is no salt waste (the water enters the unit and leaves clean).

As we begin this journey to discover water purification methods, we will encounter the powerful water purification method that is becoming so popular with our homes and business entities: activated carbon filtration.

Some water filters lessen some contaminants and odors and bad taste from our drinking water.  Our filters that utilize activated carbon have miraculous abilities to remove specific contaminants and impurities in our drinking water.  It is important to understand the specific constituencies in your water.  Sometimes we recommend you contact Legends Lab in Phoenix to gain a water test Contact Us – LEGEND Technical Services, Inc. (  I am always happy to visit your home and perform these water tests (a hardness test, a total dissolved solids test, and a chlorine test).  The first question I will ask you is this: what type of water do you want?  What about your current water is a bother to you?

Activated carbon filtration is spectacular for these reasons:

Unique properties and ability to remove up to 100% of the total suspended solids (TSS)

Removes 100% if volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Removes 100% of sediment

Removes 100% of chlorine

Removes 100% of chloramines and 100% of many other contaminants that may be in our utility and drinking water. In our whole house and business water treatment journey today; we are going to cover these topics:

How and why does Boyett’s family activated carbon filter systems work so well

The different types of activated carbon filters we provide

What contaminants do our activated carbon filters remove from your water

What is activated carbon and activated carbon filters and why do they treat water so well?

They are small, black beads or a solid black porous sponge that has undergone heat, or steam injection that makes it selectively trap impurities.  This process creates many small pores in the media to trap and absorb a broad range of contaminants.  The surface area of this carbon media is vast.  One pound of this granular activated carbon contains a surface area of 100 acres (three times the size of the Pentagon).  Because of the remarkable properties of activated carbon; it is a useful medium to eliminate impurities from water through adsorption.  Activated carbon is also utilized to make respiratory masks; used in air conditioning units and exhaust fans to rid the air of unwanted odors like smoke fumes, and animal odor.

How does activated carbon work to treat your water?

Through the process called adsorption; water passes through the activated carbon media.  The carbon acts like a big sponge and absorbs the contaminants in the water.   The activated carbon acts like a magnet and pulls the impurities and traps them in the pores of its surface area.

Can an activated carbon filter remove high concentrations of pollutants from the water?

Yes, if they have the proper volume of media and if the media is exchanged on a regular basis.

What contaminants does activated carbon remove from my water?

Activated carbon will remove many different contaminants including chemicals, gases, and physical impurities.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the NSF International; activated carbon can eliminate 60 to 80 chemicals from water (and reduce 50 other chemicals).

The capacity of this activated carbon (ability to remove these chemicals from our water) depends on two factors:

  1. The type of activated carbon used
  2. The quality of the activated carbon

At Boyett’s family, we are always careful to utilize the very best media and use the proper volume of this ingredient (our specific Boyett’s family Nevada computer-powered tickler system allows our family to change this material when necessary.  This is very important because if not changed – this can contaminate your water, and may render you dead and useless to your family and the people who love you   When your filter system is due for maintenance ‘for us to visit you and deliver a fresh unit’ here are the four steps we follow:

  1. We send a postcard and ask you to call us as soon as possible at our office (480) 969-7251.  We schedule this for three weeks; at the time of scheduling, we explain that the appointment time window is 9 AM to 2 PM on that specific day; we call the day before with a three-hour time window – we call when we are on our way
  2. We send an email and ask you to call right away to get this important appointment scheduled
  3. We send a letter from our office asking you to call us right away
  4. In four months; if you have not called my family to schedule your very important service you get a visit from the owner of my family’s business (me Brian Hayden Boyett); knocking on your door with a friendly face and a smile ‘I love visiting our client’s homes and businesses – I love people’ beseeching you to allow us to take action and exchange your equipment with fresh rental water treatment equipment.  If you are not home, I will utilize my packing tape to attach a note to your door.   I then make a note in the remarks section of our Nevada computer system that I have left a note attached to your door (beseeching you to call our office at 480.969.7251 right away).

My friends and family; this is really important that you exchange this water equipment in a timely manner; otherwise, you can get dead or really sick.  Many people are sick and they may not know why.  Many people are dying and they know not why .)

Here are the current products in which we are utilizing this wonderful ingredient (activated carbon and granular activated carbon).  We plan to develop two more important products to treat two dangerous elements in our AZ h2o: lead and arsenic (drinking too much AZ h2o and bathing in it can kill you and make you really sick); with activated carbon and granular activated carbon as contributing forces. 

Here are several new products in which we are utilizing the twin forces of activated carbon and granular activated carbon:

Fluoride Filter + Granular Activated Filter – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

PFAS Whole House Carbon Filtration – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

Whole House Carbon Filtration – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (



A Citizen’s Guide to Activated Carbon Treatment (

Overview of Drinking Water Treatment Technologies | US EPA

Reducing PFAS in Drinking Water with Treatment Technologies | US EPA

Declaration of Independence: A Transcription | National Archives

I was fortunate to be influenced by these three great leaders:

William Brian Boyett served our great country in the Korean war.

He was very social and friendly and loved people.   He loved to help people improve their lives.

He was very ambitious and wanted to make America greater.

It was while attending college that William Brian Boyett developed his love of people and his tremendous leadership skills by participating in school organizations and the ROTC.

At the end of my father’s military career, he went to work for the National Cotton Council promoting the purchase and use of cotton in clothing and other products.

William Brian Boyett traveled the United States of America meeting with farmers who grew cotton and explaining the importance of investing in the advertising of cotton use.

It was in his path of travels that he met my mother’s mother (Thelma Hayden).

This lady was a wonderful entrepreneur, civic leader, and water conservationist ‘saving water while farming her 800-acre cotton farm in Buckeye Arizona’.

Before she moved away from her farm on Hayden Road ‘was named after her husband’s family’; she made a firm commitment to uphold her faith and the principles of building a strong family (she had eight children – five are still alive today).

I was fortunate to spend much time with Thelma Hayden (my Grandmother) on her farm in Buckeye, Arizona (they grew cotton on this farm).  I probed her incredible mind about the elements of running a successful small family business and her great ethics and human principles and unselfishness (especially to her family).  We also discussed the importance of farming conservation and how water quality is so important to running her farming operations.  I understood the importance of this family farm and work here.

It was after meeting Thelma Hayden that my father’s desire to own his own water treatment business took shape.

My father and mother entered into a Rayne Water Conditioning franchise agreement with David Nancarrow. 

David Nancarrow was such a gifted entrepreneur and leader that he built the Rayne Water Conditioning company into one of the top three water treatment companies in the United States of America.   He simultaneously established Carrow’s Restaurants and the Elephant Bar Restaurants which were very popular back in the day.  I was fortunate to meet this man at a trade show (in Las Vegas) and I still follow his business principles today and learn.  I have been very intrigued by how David Nancarrow lit up a room with his presence.  He captivated people and learned about their desire and also helped them turn this into a productive means (and sought to help them fulfill this desire).  I want to emulate his drive and his success.

William Brian Boyett and Roberta Boyett worked very hard to make Rayne Water Conditioning famous in the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona (specifically Mesa and Tempe Arizona). 

My parents worked so hard to promote Rayne Water Conditioning they won the National Dealer of the year for 1975-76.  We were so proud of them.  They worked with great focus and diligence. 

For so many years my parents really enjoyed the comradery and association of all the many Rayne dealers.  I am fortunate to enjoy many associations with other Rayne dealers that are the new generation.   The friendships and associations of the Rayne dealers I have today are an integral part of my water treatment experience (DP, JF, HC, BV, NM ‘these are people whom I love and treasure their friendships and associations).

David Nancarrow even presented my parents an award for 10 years of continuous and conscientious representation as a Rayne dealer in 1976 at the yearly Rayne Water Convention. 

My parents are the last two characters on the right (Brian and Roberta Boyett holding the silver bowl).

This silver bowl will always be displayed in a prominent place in our business office.

I will always trace the beginning of my working career to two great characters; the first was William Brian Boyett (my father).  Here is the short story:

I am fortunate to be raised by two hard-working – forward-thinking; ambitious parents (William Brian Boyett and Roberta Jean Boyett).  They taught their children if we needed a thing in life; we must earn it.  At 15 ½ I decided I would really enjoy earning my driver’s license privilege.  I applied the principle of (to get it – I’ll have to earn it).  I looked around at the most important thing in my parent’s life (their Rayne Water Conditioning business in Mesa Arizona and Tempe Arizona and Rayne Water Conditioning Phoenix Arizona).  I identified ‘attracting new rental water treatment clients, and keeping these clients very happy and pleased with our work’ as the most important activity at Rayne Water Conditioning.  After school, I’d get on my bike and ride around our neighborhood and enroll as many of our friendly neighbors in our rental soft water and reverse osmosis service.  I’d also begin my habit of Saturday working.  This work was easy for me because I love all people, and I learned to love discussing soft water and purified drinking water with neighbors.  Once I reached saturation in my activities (concerning time and space) I presented to my parents that I was in need to improve my efficiency; increasing my marketing area with a driver’s license.  They acquiesced. 

I will always attach the beginning (and for many years) of my working career to the representation and water treatment fundamentals of a great man and entrepreneur (and his children).  This great man is David G Nancarrow.

In 1954 Rayne Water Conditioning moved to Santa Barbara.  Dave taught me the word impossible is really:  I’m possible.  People…each and everyone he worked with, associated with, or who worked for him were important to him.  He had the ability to realize that his successes were linked to the successes of others around him whether it be an employee or franchised dealer.  He valued the loyalty of his people above all else and in turn, he was consistently loyal to his long-time employees and dealers.  He possessed an unusual ability to train and develop younger people as they were embarking on their business careers and as a result, many of his proteges have gone on to success in numerous areas of the business world.  Dave said it best himself: “People are your most important asset.  Take time to train them and treat them well.”

I hope to honor these three greats in my actions and work to provide the best and most affordable and convenient rental water treatment to you.

My dear friends and wonderful customers; we have lead in our water here in the Phx AZ H2O.  We are soon going to develop a whole-house lead removal filter to take out this lead.  We understand that a small amount of lead will accumulate in our bodies.  Lead is not a good element to take into our bodies.   If there is lead in your body; this will cause health problems.  If too much lead accumulates in your body – you will die.  We also have a feeling that not everyone drinks water from an RO unit (Ro units will remove lead from your water in Phoenix Arizona, Maricopa Arizona, San Tan Valley Arizona, and Queen Creek, Arizona); they may brush their teeth with the utility water, or take a drink from a bathroom sink faucet.  We want to come up with affordable whole house filters that will filter out these dangerous elements in which you have a concern. 

A look ahead.  Once we finish concurring lead man; our next task is to defeat the arsenic molecule.  We will always look for ways to make our AZ h2o water better and safer for you.  The dangerous chemicals in our AZ h2o will not withstand the determination and great will and effort and hard hard work of a pure azh2o superhero.

Arsenic molecule – you don’t have a chance here in our AZ h2o (we will defeat you).


My family will perform excellent work to provide you with soft water in Queen Creek AZ, Soft water in Phoenix Arizona: If you are looking for water treatment companies in phoenix az, reverse osmosis companies in phoenix az,  water softener companies in phoenix az, water softener companies in san tan valley az,  reverse osmosis companies in san tan valley az, water softener companies in Florence az, reverse osmosis companies in Florence az, reverse osmosis companies in chandler az, soft water companies in chandler az, soft water companies in foothills az, soft water companies in fountain hills az: We want to make sure you can find us and we would love to stop by and visit with you at no charge to discuss an arrangement.   Just give me a call.

Respectfully, Hayden Boyett

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