Air force distributing bottled water near Phoenix base after water contaminated

This image shows our F-16 Falcons at Luke Air Force Base here in the valley.

According to this concerning article: The US air force will continue to distribute bottled water to residents and business owners near the Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix Arizona until at least April.  PFAS water contaminants (forever chemicals) detected in the water from military firefighting efforts.

Similar water contamination has been found near many military bases in Arizona, Colorado and other states.

Luke air force base announced this month that studies showed high levels of contaminants had affected drinking water for about 6,000 people in roughly 1,600 homes as well as a few neighboring businesses.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has indicated the chemical in the water may cause adverse health effects (and this contaminant stays in our bodies for a long time).

This chemical enters our water supply from a foam to retard fires (and it does not go away).

How can perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate be removed from our water?

This PFAS forever chemical can be removed by two Boyett’s family water treatment systems:

PFAS water contaminants can be effectively removed by our properly maintained +Mg+pH+h2o+ro and our dynamic duel water softener and carbon filter.

Here is a list of health problems consuming PFAS contaminants can cause:

Increased cholesterol levels

Decreased vaccine response in children

Changes in liver enzymes

Increased risk of high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia in pregnant women

Decrease in infant birth weights

Increased risk of kidney or testicular cancer

Liver damage

Changes in child development and fetal development

Immune system changes

Issues with fertility

Pregnancy-induced preeclampsia/hypertension

Increased in the risk of thyroid disease

Increased in the risk of asthma

Can cause cancer

Here is a little more information about PFAS (perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances).  This is a synthetic chemical that is utilized in manufacturing products we all know: carpet, adhesives, clothing, food packaging, and non-stick cookware.  This water contaminant is also found in firefighting foam.  PFAS does not break down.  You may have levels of PFAS in your system.

How can you test your water for PFAS?

PFAS water tests can cost $400 and up.

Here is a thought:

Our dynamic duel water softener and carbon filter and our +Mg+pH+h2o+ro will improve the quality of your life in many ways – it will also make sure that your life is free from PFAS water contaminants.

If you ever want us to stop by and perform a water test (we can perform TDS, hardness, Chlorine level tests) please call us at 480,969,7251.

The Brig Gen Gregory Kreuder, commander of Luke air force base, mentioned the water study showed the PFAS chemicals may have affected the water wells providing water to homes nearby.

In related documents states have described the contamination as shocking, expressing concerns of the water entering private wells that provide drinking water also to livestock and irrigation.


Here is a short story about reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis is the driving force of our product +Mg+pH+h2o+ro.  The reverse osmosis process is not selective in its removal attributes (if a reverse osmosis membrane is properly utilized and maintained it will remove any particle above this micron size: 0.0001 micron)

As a point of reference on this small size of 0.0001 micron:

Postage Stamp, 1 inch high = 25,400 microns

Eye of a needle  = 1,230 microns

Human Hair = 40 to 300 microns

Oil Smoke   = 0.30 to 1 micron

Fertilizer = 10 to 1000 microns

Tobacco Smoke = 0.01 to 1 microns

Coal Dust = 1 to 100 microns

Beach Sand = 100 to 1000 microns

Mold Spores = 10 to 30 microns

Pollens = 10 to 1000 microns

Typical Atmospheric Dust = 0.001 to 30 microns

Giardia cyst = 8-14 microns

Cryptosporidium Cyst = 4-6 microns

PFAS particle size = 0.46 – 3.8 micros

Therefore, our +Mg+pH+h2o+ro will remove PFAS water contaminants; we will also remove Giardia cyst and Cryptosporidium cyst from your drinking water.

In 1950 the reverse osmosis water purification process was invented by two UCLA professors.  This process performs the removal of particles in a water stream that are above 0.0001 microns.  This method is not selective; it is with such great efficacy; the water is almost completely pure.  Pure water is acidic (pH of zero).   

One day I sampled completely pure water; I couldn’t drink it.  It was acidic.  This is where the story of our +Mg+pH+h2o+ro (we raise the water pH up to 9 ‘some people request 9.5’) begins. 

The next time you drink purified water from a bottle ‘please notice this water will slightly burn your throat as it goes down’.  The water from most purified water bottles measures at 6.5 pH (slightly acidic).  Purified water burns my throat because it is acidic ‘acid burns’.   According to the strong sound bites this: it is better to drink water that has a higher pH; we can help you.

One of our clients was limping because of a hip pain and began drinking alkaline water – then began participating in marathons and triathlons (her hip stopped hurting; she felt great after changing to alkalinity water).  We utilize an ingredient known as calcite to raise the pH of our water.  Another client asked us if we can add magnesium to our water? Yes, we utilize magnesium oxide to raise the magnesium level of our water.  We purchase these ingredients from our water treatment supplier and add them to an empty filter canister (calcite and magnesium oxide).  The RO water (slightly acidic) runs over this calcite and magnesium oxide material and gives you +Mg+pH+h2o+ro delicious tasting and healthy pure water.  It is all right here for you:

We drink this water all day long at our factory.  If you ever wonder; stop by for a taste test.  I think it quenches my thirst best.

Many of us are low on magnesium.  Increasing magnesium levels can improve health.  If you drink 60 ounces of our +Mg+pH+h2o+ro – this may help with 10% of your needed magnesium.

Sources for this short story about the reverse osmosis process:

Senator Carl Hayden claimed our family as his.

Here is a little history about our company:

In December 1966 my wonderful parents began a journey to establish the longest continuously owned water treatment company in Phoenix Arizona.  My mother is still the president and CEO of our firm.  We like to make her proud by taking good care of you.  She is a spectacular woman of great Arizona heritage (Roberta Jean Hayden Boyett is an original settler in Scottsdale ‘her father was the third settler in Scottsdale Arizona’).  Hayden Road is named for her family ‘this was the road leading to their farm’.  Senator Carl Hayden called my mother his niece.  It is said by my Aunt Cynthia Hayden and my Uncle Paul Hayden that Senator Carl Hayden was a very kind man with great influence.  He made my Hayden family very proud by including us in his Arizona heritage and his family. My father was very social and worked hard to develop the nascent concept of water treatment in our state.   Brian Boyett was very educated and determined.  My father was kind, hard-working, humble and very focused.  My father was a founding member of the Arizona Water Quality Association (which our organization helps to build and maintain ‘along with the Triadvocates firm’). He treated us with great respect.  We seek to emulate his characteristics in aggrandizing his water treatment work in Arizona and want to pass this to our next generation (we practice a teaching and apprenticeship basis for our training ‘we call our teaching staff professors’).  Because of the unusual nature of our craft – we must teach and train to survive.  I love to watch this.  It is true I am very involved in this process with training documents and regular ‘down loading sessions to measure progress and determine our training focus’.  This has been most rewarding and amazing to me.  Our promise to you:  our staff performs all the work at your home with great fortitude.  We do all the really hard work (digging, running lines on your walls – drilling holes in your home and your sinks).  We utilize the really hard jobs to train our next generation.  You will see my parents legacy of accomplishment in how we treat you.  We want to make my parents gifts and talents and hard work better for your benefit.   We want to raise the standard of the industry to make your life better.

For two more years we will be with Rayne Water ‘in thought (our name has changed to Boyett’s family water treatment)’.  We will always be grateful for our continued association with this spectacular firm.   Bret Vessey is the president of Rayne.  Rayne is now owned by the same ‘huge organization’ that owns Culligan.  I have found Bret an honest man who began with Rayne as an accountant.  I look forward to watching Bret grow in the water treatment industry.  I hope I can look back 12 years from now with fond thoughts of these times.  I will seek this in my behavior towards Bret ‘and the huge firm’.

We also support and work on Rayne Water Conditioning equipment in these areas:

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