A process of osmosis was first observed in 1748 (through a semipermeable membrane) by a French clergyman and physicist.

In the 1950s researchers from UCLA were able to purify some seawater utilizing the principle of reverse osmosis.

Water is now taken from the sea and purified by reverse osmosis equipment and delivered to our homes and businesses.

During times of drought, the country of Israel would not have water.

A carrier transports water from the Sea of Galilee.

It will be necessary for the future to take more water from the ocean to supply our drinking water needs in Arizona.  I recommend we install desalination plants along the coast and utilize stainless steel pipes along the freeways to deliver this water to the needed locations.

A Jewish man washing on the beach at the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv.  Israel desalinates the Mediterranean sweater.

An aqueduct in the West Bank.  Israel shares a mountain aquifer with the West Bank and provides water to the Palestinians.

During the worst times in Israel; the people were told to cut their shower time by two minutes – no washing cars with hoses and only the wealthy enough to afford a lawn must water at night.  More than 50 percent of the water for Israeli households, agriculture and industry are now artificially produced.

Israel is the world leader for recycling wastewater for agriculture.  86 percent of the domestic wastewater is recycled for agriculture – 55 percent of the total water used for agriculture.  The US recycles 1 percent.

Israel said they have become 18 percent more efficient (saving water in their homes).

Our family business was fortunate to embrace the first RO unit that was invented for residential use.

When my family began installing reverse osmosis systems in the late 1960’s – this is a picture of the unit we installed:

It was known as

The Nimbus N-3A Drinking Water System

This is the diagram that shows the flow of water in the Nimbus N-3A Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System.

Please note that the long slender cylinder (which holds the filters) is made of stainless steel.

The Nimbus N-3A drinking water system was available to our company up until several years ago. This was a durable, long-lasting model. However, since the 1960’s the industry changed and adapted plastic filter canisters to hold the filters

The principle of reverse osmosis stayed static for us until our customer requested alkalinity water (November 9, 2010).

We found that we can utilize a natural ingredient called calcite to turn reverse osmosis water to alkalinity water.

Reverse osmosis water is slightly acidic (6.5 pH  – 7 pH is neutral). 

Our alkalinity reverse osmosis water is between 8- 8.5 pH.

We have found people really love this water, and we have had several people that have given us positive health testimonies on our Google.

About two years later a client requested that we add magnesium to the water.  We can do that.   We utilize a material known as Corosex to add magnesium to our Reverse Osmosis water (also we can boost the pH up ‘between 9-9.5 pH with Corosex).   Corosex is another natural ingredient that we purchase over the counter from our very respected water treatment suppliers.  Corosex is magnesium oxide – this allows us to add magnesium to our reverse osmosis water.  If you drank 60 ounces of our +Mg water; you will add 10% of Magnesium to your daily diet. 

Several years later a wonderful representative from our water treatment supplier (Pentair – his name is Craig B) walked into our office with a new RO membrane – saves 85%.  We said wow.  Pentair GRO-50EN High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane.

We grabbed that membrane so fast out of Craig’s hands and took it in back to our reverse osmosis preparation area.

We install this membrane on our reverse osmosis unit now.

This is how we came up with the +Mg+pH+h2o+ro (Carol named it).

This is the water we drink all day long.  People seem to be very loyal to this product; and seem to really love this water.   I love it.  I am humbled to be telling you this story.  I am humbled to be a character in this story.

One of our customers was low on Magnesium:

This is a copy of her magnesium test results (report date 08/01/2015 11:53:26 PM) at Scottsdale, Arizona laboratory.  It shows results 1.3 (reference range 1.3-2.8); she is in the lower spectrum

She claims that for 12 months she only drank our +Mg water (she did not take any other Magnesium)

Here are her test results from LabCorp 10/10/16 1 PM:

My family installed the +Mg+pH+h2o+ro in her home and her Magnesium level is now 2.0 which is considered more healthy.  She reports that she feels more healthy and she has a higher energy level.

Our Installation Technician Junior informed me the other day (based upon his research) the best way to produce +Mg water is the method we have deployed.  We produce +Mg water for you at the tap.  Junior indicated his research has led to the conclusion that bottling +Mg water dissipates the effectiveness.  I have heard this too.

The past reverse osmosis membranes we installed produced 17 gallons per day.  Our current RO membranes will produce 50 gallons per day.  This will provide you water quicker and more efficiently. 

The past reverse osmosis unit membranes utilized as much as 11 gallons to produce 1 gallon of water.  Our current Pentair GRO – 50EN High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane utilizes 2 gallons to produce one gallon of water.  This Pentair membrane saves over 85% on water.  This is a platform shifter.  Great job Pentair.

My family spends all day building each RO unit for you.  Because of the method we have learned we promise you the most efficient reverse osmosis process.  Each year we exchange this unit at no charge (when you rent this unit $36/month plus tax; the normal installation fee is $75 ‘if we must drill a hole in the sink – $125’).  If we must run an ice line to your refrigerator – there is an extra fee.

We feel that we are able to provide the highest technology reverse osmosis unit to you (and maintain this each year with great skill and effectiveness).  We feel that because of the methods in which we deploy your savings ‘over a five year period’ will be $639.50.


Aided by Sea, Israel defeats old foe: drought.  New York Times May 30, 2015


This is an image of my mother and a machine used to punch our customer’s names and addresses onto a metal plate.  It is this machine that my family utilized before we upgraded to the computer age.  My mother ushered our company into the computer age with great finesse.

This machine can be seen in the background.

Here is that same room today (showing our computer server ‘where the old machine was’).

It has always been our intention to deploy the latest in technology and processes to give you the fastest, most efficient and affordable water treatment service.  Thank you for your trust and loyalty helping us stay on the cutting edge of new developments.

2009 was the year that we knowingly entered into the alkalization of drinking water (by utilizing reverse osmosis water treatment equipment).  We feel that by providing

alkaline water in Phoenix Az and Alkaline Water in GILBERT Az and

alkaline water in GOODYEAR Az this will serve our valley well.  Here are the other areas of town in which we work this way:

Alkaline water in MESA, AZ

Alkaline water in SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ

Alkaline water QUEEN CREEK, AZ 

Alkaline water in COOLIDGE, AZ

Alkaline water in CAVE CREEK, AZ

Alkaline water in SCOTTSDALE, AZ

Alkaline water in LITCHFIELD, AZ

We know to provide a +Mg water-saving alkalinity reverse osmosis unit here:

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