Arizona leads the nation with rigorous water conservation efforts, and because of the 1980 groundwater management act, Arizona has the legal and physical infrastructure that maintains a 100-year assured water supply to meet the current and future needs of residents and industry.

Arizona is currently below 1957 water usage levels due to increased conservation methods and the decrease in water used for agriculture.

Arizona has five times more water stored than we use and has never mandated municipal or residential restrictions on uses throughout our state’s history.

On Monday, August 16, 2021, U.S officials declared the first-ever water shortage from the Colorado River that will cause Arizona to take an 18% cut starting in 2022.  This will not impact municipal or residential uses.  Arizona has the junior water position along the Colorado River and that’s been the case since 1968 when the Central Arizona Project was authorized.  We have been prepared for decades and we have implemented long-term planning and solutions.

At Boyett’s family we are contributing to water efficiency measures with three of our products:

New RO Development – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

Our +Mg RO saves 85% on water.   This may save a family an entire swimming pool of water each year.

hot water re-circulation – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

Our hot water recirculation pump will keep the hot water circulating through your pipes; the water that gets cold is pushed into your cold-water supply.  This may save as much as 25,000 gallons each year.  It is more convenient.  Mel L says that his wife does not complain each morning about cold water on her face.  This may help your dishwasher work more efficiently (dishwashers are designed to have the hot water there immediately).

Whole House Carbon Filtration – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

Boyett’s family double carbon whole house filter does a fine job of filtering all the water in your house (drinking quality water through your entire home/ every faucet and showerhead) and it does not waste an ounce.  There is no drain; there is no water waste.  This is a filter that does not backwash; it does not waste any water.  This is the filtration system I utilize in the home I live.  It simplifies life and it makes my water clean.  There is no electricity and there is no noise; just like I like it.  My family exchanges this unit every five years at no additional cost.  We have prepared this unit to filter at least 2 million gallons at 5 ppm chlorine content.  This filter is designed to remove all of the pfas in your water life. 

These three Boyett’s family products are the tickets to help keep Arizona on track to have enough water for your grandchildren.

Please get with us on this; don’t allow another to perform all the heavy lifting for you.  You must enact your contributions to help save our Arizona water and our precious resources.  Don’t be lazy – get busy.

Arizona has a multi-faceted portfolio of water supplies with the most advanced program for managing groundwater in the country.  Our vast aquifers allow us to access water during times of drought, and we’ve been prepared for decades for shortage declarations.

It is unfounded to group Arizona in with other Western and Mountain West states when it comes to the shortage along the Colorado River because we’re far less reliant than competitor markets.

Only 36% of the Arizona water supply is provided by the Colorado River; Nevada is 100% reliant,  its California’s predominant water supply at 60% and makes up 30-40% of Colorado’s.

93% of the water that enters the Greater Phoenix waste stream can be reclaimed and treated for potable use and this is a huge differentiator for us.

Be proud my fellow Arizonians – our state is a national leader when it comes to the reuse of water.  This makes me proud, but let us not take this news and rest on our laurels; let’s use this information to drive our future productivity of water savings and re use.

I really want you to get with us on saving our Arizona water and I want you to work with me on having a healthy heart.  May I please summarize this article that will give us some clues?

We need to drink water to keep our hearts healthy.

Just eight cups: This simple step will protect your heart and mine.

This article explains another important fact why a rigid daily intake of our Arizona precious resource is so important.

Boyett’s family takes pride in making AZ water more delicious and healthy with this device:

New RO Development – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

It is our dream at Boyett’s family water treatment that we can get you to drink at least one gallon of water each day if we do this:

Provide a tap where people in your family know this water is safe, delicious, and more healthy.

It is also my dream that you consider watching less TV and consider learning a musical instrument; just a thought. 1

Back to our healthy hearts.

By drinking eight glasses of water a day these are some of the benefits:

Sustain overall health

A crucial factor in preventing dehydration; especially in AZ hot weather conditions

A future reward for starting this water drinking habit now:

Reduces the risk of heart failure a few decades after establishing this habit.

Ok, I am in; a future reward for this important immediate investment now (especially if you have some delicious water now).

This study suggests that regular drinking water may prevent or at least slowdown changes in the heart that lead to organ failure.

Many people don’t drink enough water each day.  We must all get together on this and begin to drink at least one gallon of healthy water each day (we recommend +Mg+alkalinity reverse osmosis water).

According to this study; most people don’t come close to drinking the recommended amount of water.

Okay my friends and family; here is a simple solution:

Order this device today; don’t delay:

New RO Development – Boyett’s Family Water Treatment (

It’s delicious; it’s affordable (if you don’t like it – just give it back to us).  I think this will make you more healthy and make your heart stronger.  I’m in.

According to this article measuring sodium levels in a person’s blood facilitates the measurement of the amount of fluids in the body.  When you do not drink enough water, the sodium concentration in your blood increases.  Our body’s response to lack of fluids is this – causes damage to your heart and may cause heart failure.

The more water you drink; the less concentration of sodium in your blood.

This study found that a higher concentration of sodium in the blood was linked to both heart failure and disintegration in the left ventricle of the heart at a later age.

The amount of sodium in your blood is super sensitive to your hearts health (they found):

An increase of even one unit in sodium concentration in the blood increases the risk of left ventricular degeneration by 1.2% and the risk of heart failure by 1.11%.  

The message: Let’s all come together on this and drink at least one gallon of delicious water that is safe, healthy and delicious (we recommend Boyett’s family +Mg+pH+h2o+ro).

Lower the sodium in your blood by drinking more water; this can help your heart tick longer and stronger.



No TV experiment.  When I was fortunate to purchase my home in Chandler circa 1995 I decided I would not own a TV.  This holds true today.  I have decided to learn to play the banjo and write this blog for you.   My experiment has revealed that I have more time to write these blogs to you (in the process of writing these blogs I learn more) and I have more time to learn the banjo (my banjo teacher is Howard Anderson ‘he is learning the fiddle from our Fast Track Music group’ and as a benefit of our mutual presence; he unselfishly teaches me the banjo).  This is my call to action to you; get rid of your TVs ‘or at least – turn them on 60% less’.  The result I think you will see – you will invest this time in activities that will reward your health and your mind and your friends and family.   Just some thoughts.

A product idea and concept from a company that I love (how to create water from the air):

My favorite heroes have protected our country and still do today.  I thank you for the freedom you have given me today.

If you ever want to have a family diner experience in Tempe Arizona (good food and friendly folks) go to Harlow’s Café.  We are always so impressed with their food and their friendly atmosphere.  This fine restaurant is run by John and Kim.  

John and Kim I will always tell you thank you for being there for us.  During a rough time, we did not know where to go eat.  They stayed open for us and provided us with great hope.  They are really good at it.

Ron Carpenter; I’m going to brag about you a little. 

A test pilot in the Air Force.  He flew that which may not fly ‘for 20 years

Executive of a very successful aircraft company.  They sent him to the troubled parts and he fixed them.

Bass player in the Red Mountain Bluegrass Band ( 

He will take time to listen and share his hat story with you.  I know he cares and I listen to his words.  I have been honored many times with his time.  He loves people.  I love Ron Carpenter. …. And I get to be your friend.

If you choose to rent water treatment equipment from my family we will listen to your needs and try our best to apply the proper approach to save you the most time and money and give you the best result.

Respectfully, Hayden Boyett

cell phone ‘text is best’ 602.291.4157

Note: If your water equipment is not changed and sanitized on a regular basis you risk microbiological contamination of your drinking water:

Just do it.