Module 4: Installation and Maintenance

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Module 4: Installation and Maintenance Quiz

1. According to the HDR study, in Phoenix, water softening activity makes up approximately how much of the salt treated at wastewater plants:(Required)
2. Which of the following is NOT a major way in which recycled water is used at this point:(Required)
3. The main reason most central treatment plants do not currently treat for salinity is:(Required)
4. Which is the most common type of ion-exchange water softener currently being offered on the market today:(Required)
5. What is the primary advantage of DIR water softening over time clock units:(Required)
6. In major appliances, the use of hard water can lead to:(Required)
7. The danger of softened water going through pipes has been proven to lead to:(Required)
8. Using softened water in washing machines can lead to:(Required)