Module 3: Softeners, the Environment and Sales

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Module 3: Softeners, the Environment and Sales Quiz

1. Professional certification programs in the water treatment industry provide training on all of the following EXCEPT:(Required)
2. In addition to traditional resin-based softeners, which of the following is NOT effective at reducing hardness:(Required)
3. Water distillation can be effective at removing salinity from water during the distillation treatment process because:(Required)
4. Reverse Osmosis (RO) treats hardness ions by:(Required)
5. Portable Exchange (PE) is the process where resins are:(Required)
6. In speaking with customers about the need for salinity management, the following points should be emphasized:(Required)
7. “Salt free” treatment devices often do not reduce hardness because they do not remove:(Required)
8. Rebate programs have been offered by communities to homeowners who:(Required)