Filtersorb SP3

The Green Water Conditioning Process

Boyett’s Family Water Treatment understands the importance of being environmentally responsible.

Introducing a new water conditioning system, the Filtersorb SP3.

What sets the Filtersorb SP3 apart from other systems?

  • Maintenance Free
  • No Release of Harmful Minerals or Chemicals
  • No Waste Water
  • Reduces Energy Consumption – NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED!
  • Preserves Beneficial Minerals
  • Eliminates Chlorine
  • Salt-Free
  • Reduces Soap & Chemical Use by 30-40%
  • Eliminates Existing Scale
How Does the Filtersorb SP3 System Work?

Classic water softening units operate through ion exchange. Through this process, calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged with an equal amount of sodium. This creates a high sodium content in the water supply. The Filtersorb SP3 works via nanotechnology. Water passes through the tank and through the fluidized Filtersorb SP3 media. The media acts as a catalyst and the hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) are transformed into Nanoparticles or crystals. These Nanoparticles pass through plumbing lines, fixtures, and appliances without attaching. This process also eliminates existing mineral build up. In a few short weeks of using this system, you will see the pre-existing build up disappearing.

Every 5 years we change the Filtersorb SP3 tank and the carbon tank simultaneously. This service is included in the $85/month plus tax rental fee. There is never any extra fee. If we have to change the media before 5 years; there is never a charge or an extra fee for service.

The Result: 99% Scale Prevention Without Adding Harmful Minerals or Chemicals into Our Environment

Download our Filtersorb SP3 Info Sheet

Cost: $85.00/month plus tax.
         $250.00 one time connection fee (on a loop)
What if I do not have a loop?
A: the installation fee may be more.

How much more?
A: Through an onsite pre-plumbing inspection or pictures (you send to us) we can give you an accurate installation fee quotation through email or phone.

Is there a contract?
A: No the rental agreement is month to month. You may cancel at any time for any reason.

How does Filtersorb SP3 Filtration Process Work?

Boyett’s Family Water Treatment has embraced the cutting edge science of nanotechnology and through extensive research and development has developed the catalytic Filtersorb SP3 filtration media used to prevent and remove calcium scale. The overall filtration process of the Filtersorb SP3 is broken down into three phases:

Phase 1

The calcium and magnesium are not removed from the water. The catalytic surface of the Filtersorb media pulls the calcium and magnesium ions from the water and converts these ions into harmless nanocrystal particles. These nanocrystals are so small that they are approximately one billionth of a meter; 100,000 times smaller than a single strand of hair.

Phase 2

The filtration process, the existing scale in the piping and hardware is removed. The nono crystal particles are neutral and are unable to attach to any surfaces, but due to their large surface area and nano structure, bind to the calcium ions in the scale, gradually breaking the grid structure of the calcium deposits. Over time, the calcium scale deposits within the pipes and equipment are completely removed.

Phase 3

Final filtration process, a 3 to 5-micron protective layer is formed. This layer forms because of the reaction of the nano surface of the crystals and the metallic surface of the pipes. This is comparable to the green layer of verdigris on a copper roof. As soon as the protective layer is formed it can no longer grow bigger, but it creates complete protection.