Classic Water Softener

Brand New Water Softener

Boyett’s Classic Water Softener


(Requires salt)


We offer a premium automatic water softener for just .99 cents per day (for one person) with no contract. Just month to month rental. All service calls and any parts ever needed are provided at no charge.


We will switch out the entire cation resin column and valve every 5 years to keep the soft water at a top level of performance (We call this A+ condition). We include a soft water hose bib on the plumbing for washing any vehicle and we include three bags of salt the 1st time at no charge. Our company will deliver salt each month for an additional fee. Each time we deliver the salt we check the performance of the unit.


If you are a business or commercial entity there are advantages to renting the water treatment equipment. Please call us to discuss these benefits. The rental fees for commercial applications may be more than residential.


Our friendly and experienced staff strives to give you the best service in the valley. We offer free estimates and water tests at your home or place of business.




Water Softener Brochure


WS1 Series Water Conditioner Specifications


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