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Soft water runs in family’s veins

More than 40 years ago, Brian Boyett walked the streets of the East Valley carrying two small glass bottles…

Only Reverse Osmosis Serves as Barriers for Viruses

Filtration can be very effective in the removal of protozoan parasites and bacteria…

How Much Does Hard Water Cost You?

Here are some “Cost” facts gathered by the Consumer Expenditures and Income Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The minerals found in water have a significant influence on a person’s health

A common misconception is that the presence of calcium in hard water is significant from a health standpoint.

Clean the Water: When it is Muddied by Misinformation

Softened water is bad for your health because it has sodium in it and removes dietary calcium!

Water softeners are troublesome to maintain

While this was a somewhat valid argument for the softener owner of the 1950’s…

Investigation finds more toxic drinking water in Valley

Valley doctor Marianne Marchese said TTHMs are linked to various cancers, specifically bladder cancer…

Phoenix water woes make waves in East Valley

Shelves of bottled water cleared out. Restaurants closed. Jail toilets backed up. Schools blocked off drinking fountains…

Contaminated water being treated, discharged

Treatment of water from a well contaminated with suspected carcinogen trichloroethylene, or TCE…

Using Potassium Chloride Instead of Salt

Using Potassium Chloride pellets will not release additional sodium into the water.

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