I ran across this interesting video about how to take water from the ocean, and clean this for our drinking (maybe most important for our survival).


This is the transcript review:

Only 3% of the water in the world is drinkable.

71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, and it is not drinkable.

By 2040 many cities around the world may run out of water.

Many experts feel that desalination is the answer for many communities to prevent the dreaded day zero; when their water runs out. 

These are my simple thoughts relating to this topic (install desalination plants on the ocean):

Don’t wait – take action.   We have the technology – we need the water.

Get rid of all the landscape that takes much water.  No more grass golf courses.  The golfers must learn to putt on the artificial turf.   It will be a challenge.  A golfer likes a challenge. 

Stop those dripping faucets and make more efficient the faucets that don’t drip.

Put those desalination plants near the oceans; utilize our freeway systems to transport the water inland.  Use the appropriate pipelines and run these pipelines near the freeway (we can protect them and maintain them efficiently).

There are some countries that will not have enough water without desalination plants on the ocean (Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia).  These are government-subsidized water treatment plants.   These desalinization plants account for 60% of the worldwide capacity of desalination. 

This technology is expensive and energy-intensive; therefore, these countries have relied upon the government to heavily subsidize these operations.

My fellow Americans, let us take immediate action to provide ourselves water with many desalination plants near our ocean – do not let day zero reach our water strained communities. 

We all must come together on this.  Let’s not waste our precious resources.  Let’s become more efficient in the use of our water resources and let’s make sure we have plenty of it.  There is plenty of water in the ocean; now let’s go get it.

Is the Phoenix metro area of Arizona going to have enough water?

There are now 7 million people in the Phoenix metro area of Arizona.  Our population will increase by 22% in the next 15 years. 

Because of the hundred years of carefully planned water management, it is likely we will have enough water.

I’d like to share with you where does our water originates?

28 major rivers and streams snake their way throughout the state.    54 % of our water comes from this surface water (Verde River) mostly the Colorado River – the Central Arizona Project (CAP) captures, treats, and delivers.

336 miles of CAP canal stretches from Lake Havasu City to Tucson delivering 1.5 acre-feet of water annually to our Phoenix residences, Mesa and Scottsdale.  An acre-foot equals 325,851 gallons of water – half an Olympic – size pool.  This amount of water can provide enough water for a family of five for an entire year.

Our Phoenix Arizona other sources of 43% of our water is derived from aquifers and naturally occurring reservoirs.

3% of our Phoenix metro water is effluent and reclaimed water.  Yup, we are delivered previous poopy water for drinking.

How has our water distribution developed since the 1500s in our Phoenix metro area of Arizona?

In the 1500s the Hohokam Indians built a very sophisticated canal system that has inspired our surface water distribution system today here in our towns.

In the 1800s Confederate cavalryman, Jack Swilling built hundreds of miles of canals over the Hohokam’s network.

Settlers helped the United States of America to construct Salt River Projects Roosevelt Dam (1903 to 1911).  There is enough water contained behind the dam to meet Phoenix’s water needs for five years. 

Our great water leaders are working fabulously to make sure Boyett’s family water treatment has water to purify going into your home.   Because much of the water is surface water; sediment precipitates into the water making it hard.  The water runs through salt river beds and contains many salts and other dissolved solids.  The cities much heavily chlorinate this water.

May I please outline how AZ has a great water plan?

The Groundwater Management Act.  We were pumping too much water and causing land fissures.  Phoenix, Tucson, Pinal County, Prescott, and Santa Cruz County had a meeting of the minds and discussed conservation (we cannot pump more groundwater than is being replenished).    Developers must prove 100 years of water before development can begin.

Can we run out of water in the Phoenix Metro Area?  Yes, if we do not carefully protect our precious water resources.

What role is Boyett’s family water treatment playing to protect this resource?

Every six months our company teaches a class for water treatment professions titled:

Certified water softener sustainability professional/Arizona (cwssp-a) certification program

This class teaches other water treatment professionals the importance of installing the proper water treatment equipment and the importance of setting this equipment efficiently.  If our industry does not come together and make sure we are following the efficiency guidelines – our salt and water privileges will be removed.

Boyett’s family water treatment company is proud to be part of the solution to water sustainability and water quality in the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona.

In the 1970s my father Brian Boyett founded the Arizona Water Quality Association in Arizona to encourage professionals in the water treatment industry to come together and make sure they are conducting business in a way that is good for the environment; good for Arizona and good for their customers.  Boyett’s family water treatment is the caretaker of this association.  We are proud to teach the Arizona Water Quality Association certification class every six months to encourage the members of our industry to preserve our water and perform good business practices to maintain the health of our industry and continue to utilize our salt privilege with honor and preservation.

Boyett’s family water treatment is thinking about the future.

We are informed that the water suppliers are beginning to test for lithium.

We have been informed by a water treatment operator (a system that supplies 40 homes) most batteries are not disposed of correctly.  The lithium from batteries is ending up in the water supply.

Ingesting lithium from the water will cause toxicity to our cardiomyocytes which form the cardiac conduction system, responsible for controlling our rhythmic heart beating. 

The other adverse health effects of ingesting lithium in your drinking water are these:

Causes coarse tremor (involuntary shaking of your body and limbs) and hyperreflexia (twitching or spastic tendencies caused by an injury to the central nervous system).

Kidney damage (sodium – losing nephritis ‘your kidneys may stop working’ ; kidney disease, especially when characterized by edema and the loss of protein from the plasma into the urine due to increased glomerular permeability ‘can lead to acute shock syndrome).

Damage to the cardiomyocytes – they contract in our hearts and will lack regeneration capability (and cause damage in the embryo development)

 Therefore, each damage to the cardiomyocytes could accumulate constantly during the lifetime. Moreover, the damage to cardiac contractility might be irreversible.

lithium not only significantly inhibited cell viability and cell proliferation of human cardiomyocytes but also promoted cell apoptosis (programmed cell death).

We now have a filter process that will remove lithium from your water (if it is present):

Here is some supplemental information about lithium being present in your drinking water (it is better to get ahead than be behind ‘be proactive rather than reactive).

If lithium is present in your water – Boyett’s family has affordable rental water treatment technology that can remove this.

What is lithium:

A soft, silvery-white alkali metal; found in foods and drinking water.

A rare-earth element.

Used in batteries, ceramics, air-conditioning, grease, electric cars, renewable energy systems; pharmaceutical products.

Why is lithium consumption a problem?

A high concentration of lithium in the drinking water can cause thyroid problems. 1

Can cause nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, muscle weakness, fatigue, and a dazed feeling.

Can cause skin disorders, heart disease, thyroid issues, and kidney disease.

Does the EPA have standards for the amount of Lithium in our drinking water?


What makes the most sense for the treatment of Lithium in our drinking water?

Let’s get out ahead of this and protect your health with this affordable – proactive approach:

Sources (information about the thyroid gland/ use of lithium):

I give full credit for my blog content to these sources.  I paraphrased as best I can.  However, these sources deserve all the credit for this content.  If I have left out any sources; I apologize.  Going forward in my blog writing I plan to tenaciously pursue and give credit to all of the relevant sources.  Without the hard work and the great intellect and skill and effectiveness of these researchers and writers; my blogs will not be possible.  I am very grateful and humbled to share this information with you.



  1. Of what importance is the thyroid gland:

The thyroid hormones have a wide range of effects on the human body.  These include:


Increase basal metabolic rate (rate of energy expenditure per unit by endothermic animals) and have effects on almost all body tissues.  Appetite, the absorption of substances, and gut motility.  Increase the absorption in the gut, generation, uptake by cells, and breakdown glucose.  They stimulate the breakdown of fats, and increase the number of free fatty acids, thyroid hormones decrease cholesterol levels.


The hormones increase the rate and strength of the heartbeat.  They increase the rate of breathing, intake and consumption of oxygen, and increase the activity of mitochondria (supply cellular energy, they are involved in signaling, cellular differentiation, and cell death, as well as maintaining control of the cell cycle and cell growth).  Combined, these factors increase blood flow and the body’s temperature.


Important for normal development.  They increase the growth rate of young people, and cells of the developing brain.  Thyroid hormones play a particularly crucial role in brain maturation during fetal development and the first few years of postnatal life.



Lithium use

Component of high energy-density rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

May become even more important in large batteries for powering all-electric and hybrid vehilces

Takes 1.4 to 3 kilograms of lithium to support a 40-mile trip in an electric vehicle

Where can I find raw lithium:

13% within hard rock mineral deposits

87% within brine deposits (most come from Chile, smaller amounts from China, Argentina, and the United States)


What is the Certified Water Softener Sustainability Professional/Arizona (CWSSP- A) certification program?


My hero’s

My grandfather: William Boyett
Raised on a dry land Texas ranch and farm.
Put three kids through college (two of his kids are still with us today; one lives a great life in England).
All three kids had a spectacular successful life and they loved life.
As a young child, I sat in his lap and drove his 1963 Ford truck.  I drove this truck to college.  I drove this truck yesterday.  I hope this truck will be my retirement truck.  When I crank this truck up and pull away – my heart is happy.  I love him much.  I am proud of the life he lived.  He was very successful.

My father
Brian Boyett

Started two rental soft water companies in the Phoenix Metro area (when the population was about 200,000 people ‘it is now over 5 million people).  He built a strong company with great ethics that stands the test of time for 54 ‘and still grows strong’.

He was very social.  He loved life.  He was ambitious and saw hope when others did not.  He was hopeful.  He loved people.  He taught me to look for a treasure; he taught me how to find a treasure.    His teaching was by example ‘the most effective type of teaching for me’.  He loved my mother with great passion and endurance.

His study at Texas Tech University was animal husbandry and education.   He was a good leader and teacher.  It is so important for leaders to develop great teaching capacities.   He heard about how useful the rental water treatment industry is in the Phoenix Metro area.  His thought was; instead of having several thousand cows on my land ‘where I must take care of these’ – I will put several thousand rental soft water tanks on other people’s lands, and take care of them.    

Lyman Keeling

My fiddle mentor and friend

On a Saturday morning in 1976, my father saw the Arizona Old Time Fiddlers Association will have a show at the Tri-City Mall in Mesa.

As Lyman was exiting the stage my mother encouraged me to take courage and meet this fine man (we were attracted to his fiddle playing and buck dancing).

He was so friendly and handed me his fiddle. 

Lyman took me under his wing and I developed his fiddling skill and his method of movement on stage (twist those hips and shake that butt around).  It was fun to watch; so I had people watch me do it too.

Fast forward to 2005 and Lyman asked me to attend a jam session at the home of Dr. Theo Heap (past president of Mesa Community College).  I reluctantly went (I did not have much extra time in those days).

I reluctantly went back for jam two.  I said to myself; I don’t have time for this.

Dr. Theo Heap arranged the formal bequeathing of Lyman Keeling buck dance ‘in a written statement’.  I later learned that Dr. Theo Heap was a star recruiting officer for the U.S Olympic Committee.  Because of Theo’s kindness, I said this to myself: I’ll be in this band for life.  In the past I had been an individual contributor with my fiddling; I never imagined I would be a fiddle player in an Arizona bluegrass band.  I must say that being a member of this band has been one of the most influential experiences of my life.  Because of this band, I got to play on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville Tennessee (opened for Dolly Parton).  We got to take a picture with Dolly and say hello.  She was so kind to us.  She is a very kind lady.

As we were walking away from Dolly she said: “I like that band”.

Besides being such a kind spectacular person, she took time to take a picture with each of our mates.   I am in awe of her kindness and her overwhelming love for people and the love of her occupation.  She had just returned from Frankfurt Germany.  She must have been so tired, but she did not show it – she did not complain.  She made us all feel important and special.   At least one of the many people around her carried a gun.

If not for Lyman Keeling my fiddle career may have been less exciting.

Without my grandpa I would not have his cowboy hat to wear; his truck to drive – I would not have my spectacular father.

If I did not have my father; I would not have you reading these words.  I would not have the wonderful life I have.  I am very humbled and grateful I have made your acquaintance.

Here is a link to help you learn what is in your tap water:


If you choose our company to rent a water treatment product; we will work hard and make sure you are very satisfied.  We will do a good job.

Respectfully, Hayden Boyett


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Note: If you don’t correctly maintain and exchange and properly sanitize your drinking water and your whole house water equipment on a regular basis; you will risk microbiological contamination of your drinking water:


Just do it.