What is cation resin?

Cation resin is the main cleaning ingredient in water softeners.

When the cation resin beads are new and in good condition, they are round and full. 

This is an image of the cation resin after it has been exposed to the chlorine:

As the cation resin continues to chlorine disintegrate (it is also called oxidize) it will fracture; as seen in the picture below:

As this occurs the cation resin fractures (called cation resin fines) will imbed in the openings of the lower collector and can cause low water pressure problems in the home.

This is why it is important to change the cation resin every 5 years (we have established this is the tipping point in Arizona).

Within our rental water softener program; we exchange the resin tank every five years.

By receiving soft water with our automatic water softener program; you will save over $1,400 over five years.

What is the best way to receive soft water in the Phoenix metro area of Arizona (East Valley, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Johnson Ranch – San Tan Valley)?

Boyett’s family rental water softener program ($30/month plus tax; one-time connection fee of $75 on a loop).

When you call us we are able to respond in a timely manner because of how our founder ‘began with the end in mind’.  The planning for today began December 1966.   We have dependable transportation and team members.

Here is some useful information about our truck fleet and equipment procurement process:

One of the greatest legacies our originator left is the way he taught us to preserve resources.  An example of this is how we purchase new trucks and place them on our delivery route.  When we are in need of a service/ installation vehicle – we rotate the route truck down to this position.

Example: new route truck.  Circa 1981.

This truck was rotated down to another important position. 

New delivery truck. Circa 1993.

This truck was rotated down to an important position.  I called this our war truck because it can accomplish any requirement (it can deliver all our products and perform the installation of water treatment equipment).

New route truck. Circa 2016.

It was rotated to another important role.

Because of this vehicle reuse model we have saved our clients much money and been able to have the most efficient resources to perform our craft.   Our goal is to have the best fleet of trucks in the water treatment industry.

Our mastermind William Brian Boyett 1988.

WBB 2009 – our architect.   We sure miss him.   We strive to keep his memory alive every day (in the clothes we wear and the things we do and say – in the way we behave). 

Because of this truck rotation model that our initiator taught us we feel this makes us the best prepared to offer rental water softeners in the San Tan Valley AZ also the most prepared to offer rental water softeners in Phx, AZ (Phoenix, Arizona).   Because of the method of delivery and the efficiency this brings we feel that our company is the best equipped to provide rental reverse osmosis in Cave Creek Az and rental reverse osmosis in Phoenix Az (Phx, AZ).  It is always best to be prepared and show up on time.  Better safe than sorry, better busy than bored.  These are some of the things in which we think as we work to make our industry better.