Do you have hard water?

This can be determined by bringing to our office a 2-ounce sample of your water.  We will test your water for free.  We will also give you free advice about how to treat your water.  We will treat you with kindness and respect.

If you live in the Phoenix metro area (which also includes Buckeye, Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park and San Tan Valley) of Arizona (and you are hooked up to the city water); you have hard water.  In high school, when I began my career, the water was about 8 grains hard ‘in our industry this is considered extremely hard’; now at my age of 52 the water is now 16 grains hard.  Almost in every category (amount of chlorine, amount of sodium, amount of hardness) our water is some of the worst in the US ‘for major cities’.

Why is our water so hard?  Our water has always been hard in the Phoenix metro area; and now with 81,000 new people moving into our desert each year more of our water comes from the Central Arizona Project (1/3 of the water we utilize).  It travels in an open canal through the desert from Colorado ‘some 1,400 miles’.  As it travels through the desert this water is raised and lowered 2,700 feet with pumps along the way.  Between precipitation of dusts and other elements, animals living in this water; birds defecating in this water ‘I assume this occurs’ – by the time the water arrives here ‘it is much harder’. 

What is hard water?

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium.  The hardness level is measured in grains per gallon. 

What is soft water?

The absence of calcium and magnesium. 

What are the benefits of soft water?

Many people search out our service because their kids are having skin problems.  I spoke with a lady who was having scalp problems.  Salt is utilized in the soft water process.  Salt heals skin.  Soft water can cure serious skin conditions. 

The Battelle study shows that soft water can save as much as 37% of fixtures and plumbing accessories (they do not corrode due to hard water).  Kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets and shower accessories are expensive.  Soft water helps you protect your investment.

Soft water makes your dishwasher perform better and it saves you as much as 25% in soap cost.  If you utilize soft water you can completely eliminate dryer sheets.

What is the solution to your hard water?


Brian Hayden Boyett

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We have the right equipment and people.

Here are some pictures of our equipment and people.

When I first saw this picture I thought of a tarantula.

As I entered our factory – through the back I admired the functionality of this portable exchange route truck.  This was the first of its type ‘for us’ (built by Bob Weisz circa 2001).  I was also reminiscing about the nomenclature on the logos and the insignias representing inventions by important people (Chubb Michaud WOW RO water saving concept  ) and 52 years of hard work by our team.

This is a picture of Ben who has moved up in our ranks (beginning as our route technician and now our installation/ service technician).  Because of our ‘promote from within’ program: we pick the best and keep the best.  When they complete our three-month mentorship program they receive a certificate of achievement.  Many times it is the same technician that stops by your house year after year.  Many of our technicians have been with us for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and over 28 years.  We feel that Ben is the secret ingredient that makes us one of the most sought after and respected water treatment companies in Arizona.  They say we are the longest continuously owned water treatment company in Arizona.  I believe it.