This is a road sign that I saw in the SW area of Cave Creek and Thunderbird; near the Phoenix Mountain Preserve in Arizona.

Definition of psoriasis:

a skin disease marked by red, itchy, scaly patches.

If you or someone you know has Psoriasis – we can heal Psoriasis with our rental water treatment service.

I can only imagine – to have this skin ailment must cause people much discomfort and pain.  Our skin is the largest organ on our body.  It behooves us to keep this organ is great condition and in good health.  We have an answer and a solution to psoriasis.  The solution is our finest soft water service.  Our soft water service can cure psoriasis in Cave Creek and the Phoenix area.  We can cure skin problems in the San Tan Valley and in the Paradise Valley area of Scottsdale.  We can cure your skin problems wherever you live in the Phoenix valley area and in the East Valley area of Arizona.

I am a native Phoenician (51.5 years old now).  As we have seen the valley go from 200,000 population to 4.3 million (in the next 15 years they say we will be 7 million people); the municipalities are having to add more chlorine.  This chlorine may be causing skin problems to many of the people living in the Buckeye and Peoria area.

I think the story of peoples epidermis will continue to be an important topic; how Boyett’s family water treatment can significantly improve the health of this organ will be a process that we will continue to explore.

Will a water softener improve skin conditions such as atopic eczema, psoriasis and other skin abrasions and rashes?

Since water softeners utilize salt to reduce hardness, what are the chances that bathing with it can improve skin conditions such as atopic eczema, psoriasis and other skin abrasions and rashes?

There’s not a lot of research available to prove its efficacy, however a couple of studies conducted in the U.K. indicated that softened water may show positive results for some children with eczema. One study was conducted in areas of the country that were notorious for hard water. Of the over 350 families who qualified, 29 were given use of a water softener for 12 weeks and then were followed up with on a monthly basis to measure the results. Their answers showed:

  • 91% recorded less itchiness
  • 83% maintained that the water softener reduced the severity of their child’s eczema
  • of the 78% regularly applying emollients or steroid cream, 67% were using less.

Perhaps more convincingly, at the end of the study, two-thirds of the families opted to rent the water softeners. Ask your dermatologist if he or she thinks softer water could help improve your irritation.

“A water softener will reduce these skin issues, and convert the minerals found in hard water, into more soluble minerals that are less harmful for the skin.”

It is best to set up a water softening system within the home, to reduce the effects of the minerals contained in the water.

Help relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis with salt therapy.

Salt is a natural antihistamine, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Exposing skin to salt can help relieve irritated, dry, red, itchy and flakey skin caused by conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Salt can also help to balance the Ph levels of the skin and stimulate healthy cell rejuvenation and skin elasticity, all whilst improving the skin’s protective properties and good bacteria.

Salt can naturally cleanse the skin of bacterial infections, reducing swelling and gradually alleviating red, flakey and irritated skin. Inhaling dry salt can also assist in relieving inflammation and congestion in the respiratory system, which increases the level of oxygen in the circulatory system and helps the skin’s hypodermis layer.

Because there is a small amount of sodium in our softened water – we feel our dynamic duel approach will effectively heal most psoriasis skin conditions and eczema conditions.

All my life people have enrolled in our rental soft water service because they were suffering from eczema and psoriasis skin conditions.  When we installed our water treatment equipment their skin problems went away.  As the valley has grown we are hearing more stories of young people suffering from psoriasis and eczema skin conditions.

This product may heal your skin from psoriasis and eczema:  Dynamic duel: whole house carbon filtration and water softener (all in one package):

Boyett’s portable exchange tank soft water cures eczema or psoriasis

Portable Exchange Tank Service


Please contact me for rental information on these products.

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We specialize in water softener systems in Phoenix Az.  We also specialize in all water treatment systems in Phoenix AZ and the Metro Phoenix area of Arizona (AZ).  We also specialize in water softener service in Phoenix Arizona (especially Sears and Kenmore water softeners for parts) and we also specialize in fixing commercial water softeners in the Phoenix Metro area of AZ (Arizona). Providing water softeners to the  San Tan Valley is one of our unique features.

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