This is an image of our slim-line RO unit laying down in the bathroom sink cabinet.

This unit will be utilized to provide reverse osmosis water to three bedrooms that will grow marijuana plants.

This is the manifold that Tom built to deliver the water to each room.

On this project, I am fortunate to be working with a war veteran.

I am hopeful this service will help him financially.  I am eager to see how the local governments are supporting this project to benefit this veteran.

We are looking for niches in which we can apply our water treatment service to help other war veterans.

We are proud to help war veterans.  My father was a war veteran of the Korean War.  Another war veteran we are helping is the owner of Cider Corps in Mesa AZ (  We provide a 2000 gallon per day commercial reverse osmosis unit to make his delicious cider.  When I visited the other night; there were 14 different types of ciders in which to chose.

Here is some information about our commercial RO services:

We plan to specialize in providing large quantities of high purity water to people and businesses who are owned by war veterans.

We have helped several car companies with spot free washes by utilizing reverse osmosis and deionization.

This is an image of our slim-line RO unit connected to a cart.  The large blue tank is a pressurized reverse osmosis storage tank (40 gallons).  This configuration is utilized in an aeronautics company to perform a certain (secret) process.

Please text me at 602.291.4157 Brian Hayden Boyett or email me at or call me at (480) 969-7251

P.S We specialize in providing water softeners to Phoenix Arizona.

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