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High Perfomance Collectors & Solar Systems

The RADCO drainback solar water heating system provides automatic and failsafe freeze protection while maximizing the solar contribution to water heating. The RADCO drainback system has OG-300 certification, and utilizes RADCO solar collectors, a RADCO drainback module, and a solar water heater tank to provide easy installation and maximum performance. When solar heat is available, the systems pumps water through the solar collector to be heated, and pumps water from the tank through the drainback modules heat exchanger to transfer that heat to the storage tank. When the storage tank is fully heated, or when inclement weather or nightfall shuts down the system, the water in the solar collector loop drains back into the indoor drainback tank by the force of gravity. Unlike pressurized glycol systems, the RADCO drainback system automatically protects against both overheating and freezing, doesn’t use exotic antifreeze solutions that require regular maintenance, and doesn’t require costly integral heat exchanger water heater tanks when water heater replacement is needed.

Energy Star Arizona Solar Wave


RADCO Solar Water Heating System


With rebates and credits, you save money on the purchase of a solar system AND on the cost of heating your hot water every day.


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