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Do Water Borne Disease Outbreaks Still Occur In The U.S. Today

Waterborne disease outbreaks continue to occur in the United States due to inadequate treatment or contamination after treatment (Craun, 1991). An increasing proportion of these waterborne disease outbreaks are associated with enteric viruses and protozoan parasites because of their greater resistance to water treatment processes.

It also appears that conventionally treated drinking water meeting all current U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Standards may be responsible for as much as 35% of the gastroenteritis experienced in households (Payment et al., 1991b) caused by microorganisms yet to be identified.

While gastroenteritis is usually not life-threatening in developed countries, it has a significant economic impact, i.e., 13 billion dollars per year in the United States (Garthright et al., 1988).

In addition to traditional waterborne enteric pathogens of concern, there is now awareness that microorganisms indigenous to water may also cause disease in susceptible individuals.

For example, Legionelia growth in drinking water pipes and hot water heaters (Colbourne et al., 1988) or growth of aquatic bacteria in reverse osmosis units (Payment et al., 1991a).

It is important that the company which provides you reverse osmosis service is qualified to effectively maintain the water equipment.

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