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 W.O.W. (Water on Water) – Reduce Water Waste! Save Money & Resources


Our latest creation helping to reduce water waste by a minimum of 82%!

We have re-engineered the reverse osmosis (and alkalinity reverse osmosis) units to be more efficient.

Working with an industry legend and pioneer Chubb Michaud CSW-VI – we have provided a very important component to decrease water waste by 82% (at least).

This water process is called Water On Water (WOW).

Traditional reverse osmosis units keep the water tank pressure separated from the filtration water pressure. By combining these pressures – using a very special faucet and a connector; this allows us to utilize the waste water to force the effluent water out of the tank and create water pressure synergy.

By using this technique it also keeps water pressure on the membrane; making possible the superior advantage of constant readiness.   That means the membrane works as a muscle. When we exercise our muscles they perform better. By keeping water pressure on the membrane – this is like continuously exercising the membrane.  Therefore, by utilizing this process we are able to achieve higher quality of water even in small quantities.

Traditional R.O. Systems waste up to and even over 11 gallons of water for every 1 gallon of drinking water they produce.

WOW RO is The System That Saves! Saves you time & money. Saves precious finite resources.

With WOW RO you get higher quality water, faster production and refill rates, more storage capacity and faster dispensing. If you’re using 1,000 gallons of drinking water per year with a traditional RO system, your wasting an average of 9,000 gallons per year. WOW RO runs less water, in turn wasting less water and requiring far fewer filter changes and less maintenance. That saves you time and money.

Click Here for an Article With Detailed Technical Information about WOW RO

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WOW RO is good for the Environment and your Wallet!

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WOW RO – The System That Saves!




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