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Welcome to Boyett Family Rayne Water Conditioning

Stainless Steel Water Cooler for home or office

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Point Of Use Water Cooler & Reverse Osmosis Unit For Your Office

We offer a point of use cooler and reverse osmosis system for just over $1.00 per day. This system can be sized to provide many gallons of great tasting water without the hassle of heavy plastic bottles that take up lots of space and can cost hundreds of $ per month.

If you have a large staff we recommend renting our cooler and R.O unit. We include all service and filter changes as part of the month to month rental agreement without any long term contracts.

We can add extra point of use coolers to other locations in a building without adding additional filter units. This will help keep the monthly investment to a minimum.

Our friendly and experienced staff strives to give the best service in the valley. We offer free estimates and water tests at your place of business or home.

Sincerely, Troy Phillips, Service Manager at Boyett’s Rayne Water for over 18 years. Call me today, (480) 969-7251

We also have a under the sink chiller system available if a cooler will not fit into your office. Cold water comes directly out of the faucet.

reverse osomosis starting at .99 per day water softeners strating at .99 per day contact information call for a free quote 480-969-7251

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