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Clean the Water: When it is Muddied by Misinformation

Softened water is bad for your health because it has sodium in it and removes dietary calcium! Distilled or RO water leaches essential minerals from you body! Softened water leaches lead from your household plumbing!

It is disturbing for a water treatment professional to hear negative misconceptions like these from anyone, but it is especially chilling when the message is distributed to large numbers of people throughout the local press or as part of a mailing from the local water utility.

Perhaps it is a misunderstanding in an attempt to present a “well-rounded” news story, or perhaps it is the result of an individual who is hostile towards the industry: in either situation, it can cause serious damage to your business.

In most cases, the person putting out the misinformation does not know that it is inaccurate since some of this misinformation has floated around for years and has occasionally been printed by credible sources.

Fortunately, most of the attacks against the industry, such as the ones which lead into this article, are common misconceptions which can be easily countered with legitimate, third-party information. Here are a few misconceptions that seem to be making the rounds in recent months and the rebuttals to them.

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